August 8, 2016


El Monte South


Elder Taylor

The Return of the bike Elder!

The title is kind of strange, but it is the truth. I got my call on Saturday being put back into bike Elder Work. They split the old Bike Elders responsibilities into office Elders and the Bike Elders. I am just a Bike Elder now. Our concern is the bikes and that is something that we are going to continue to see to. It will be one strange transfer as I still have a lot of my knowledge and will be here just as a regular missionary. I am kind of nervous about it, but not really. It will be biking and training a bike elder again.

This last week was a fantastic week as we went out as a district and got a bunch of matching shirts I will send you a picture. Later we were able to have a Noche de Hogar with our investigators. It was really fun as we had the sisters there with us. The family enjoyed having us over and learned a lot. It is a moment where you could feel the spirit so strong. To be honest it was like being at home again with Eric and Aiden because their little boys loved playing with us. We also were able to the parents cook some amazing Quesadillas and tacos. To be honest I had a blast and I hope they can continue to teach them and baptize them.

On Tuesday we had a exchange with Elder Bernard and Judd. I was able to go with Elder Bernard and motivate him as his companion has been having a hard time doing the work. Elder Taylor got to help and counsel with Elder Judd on the best course of action to take to keep going strong in his mission. It was a good opportunity to enjoy a day of work and help people. I believe that we saw a lot of miracles. My favorite part is where we went and saw an investigator called Eva. She was really sick and we talked about giving her a blessing. It was a good opportunity to help her and she was ready to accept the gospel.

Wednesday was a great MLC as we heard a lot of good things. They really wanted us to remember that no matter where we serve we are all the same. It was kind of ironic now that I think about it. Basically that whole meeting was about remembering your mission purpose, which was a good opportunity to rethink why I am out here. We had the opportunity that night to plan for Zone Meeting and to be honest it was hard to plan because I was called to repentance. It literally has set the mood for this week. I have been close to tears for almost everyday.

Thursday was a powerful Zone Meeting as it was Elder Taylor's last Zone Meeting as he left on Saturday. It was a really good meeting. Unbeknownst to me that was my last meeting teaching as well. We had a good time that night as we were with the sisters at dinner. We were blessed to eat hot dogs the size of my hands put together.

Friday was really lame as we didn't do much it was Elder Taylor's last night in the mission. We did get to go to dinner with president and go out with Rolando for the night. We actually found a cool family that night as well. It actually made me mad a bit as all the miracles were happening that last week while I was there. It is fine. Saturday was good, but long as we had to balance everything. Hermana Escalante and Ashby were able to a baptize a man who had waited 3 months. It was a great experience and I was able to be a witness at his baptism.

Sunday was a sad, but great day as I got to say goodbye to everyone. Everyone was sad that I didn't stay. It was a powerful experience and many people are going to miss me. It brought me close to tears. I truly will miss the sister missionaries and all they do for me. I am now just in a district full of Elders.

Something I have learned how to do recently is to truly reach out with love and build everyone up. Finally everyone that I have met is doing the same for me. I can see my good works and as Owl City put it, "oh oh these are beautiful times! This fight of my life is so hard, so hard, so hard, but I am gonna survive! Oh oh these are beautiful times."

Your true friend and missionary,
Elder RichardsπŸ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡²πŸ‡½


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