June 27, 2016


El Monte South


Elder Taylor

Recognition of Success and Heat Sickness

Where can I start. This week was probably the beginning of the heat wave as we were hit hard on Sunday and Monday. The temperature reach 110 on both days the wind was like being in or near a furnace. It was pretty terrible as you can't really sleep with that heat. It has been difficult this week as I have been a little sick to the stomach in the morning. Then I have been tired through out the day. I believe it is also maybe the lack of water and exercise. It has been a good week though.

On Monday we went out with Rolando and didn't have much success. We had four or five lessons that all fell through. They were partially our fault for some of them because we were eating with members. It has been a blessing eating with them, but I think we might discontinue it depending on if I continue to get sick. I believe it might be just the heat that is killing me. Anyways, we ended up going to a less actives house where we were able to find the Hermano Ortiz and his Son, Brandon. His son is more active than he is and it is sad. We met up with the he Elders Quorum President, Hermano De Los Santos and we ended up entering the house and double teaming the problem. We talked to Brandon, while Rolando and Hermano De Los Santos had a good talk with the father.

Brandon just feels bad that he hasn't be able to go to church and it has been because his dad wants him to go to the Catholic Church. He doesn't want to go because he knows our church is true. We were able to help him understand that he has to be the strong pillar in his family. He will be a pioneer for his future and current family. We just shared the Ensigns recent presidency message. He took courage and it was amazing to see him stand up to the challenge. I feel so bad for him too and I wish I could change people's agency sometimes. Rolando and Hermano De Los Santos were able to breach the fortress of solitude that Hermano Ortiz has been living in. He hasn't found happiness and they were able to help him see the light of the Gospel.

Tuesday was a day of chaos as we were trying to prepare for Zone Conference and we had Exchanges with the Assistants. I got to be with Elder Rowley again and we had a great day with Rolando teaching six lessons or so and it was amazing. We picked up a new investigator who basically was really taken by our welcoming attitudes. We then were able to pray with her and she got train wrecked by the spirit. She was so confused and she stopped and asked what is going on. It was really cool as she didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. She then schedule the next appointment and it was great.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference and we got to teach. I felt great as we were able to meet the needs of the Zone pretty well. Then Sister Training Leader's presented how to plan better. We then were able to talk about heroes and I told them that they were my heroes. It was sad as they all have been moved to different areas now. I will talk about transfers a bit later. We then had a good night doing English classes. It was a good opportunity and we were able to talk to the bishop again because he went on a long camping trip.

We also had a fire Monday and Tuesday and it was crazy big. I hope you survive with all the smoke that may come your way. It stinks as we lost more of nature as well. On Thursday we were able to teach five lessons as well. We had another lesson that was like the other experience described before. It was good to see the changes that were made in him. We then had a grueling lesson with Hugo trying to get him to come back to church. It was great as it actually worked an he came to church on Sunday.

Friday was crazy day as we had a last hurrah as a district. We all ate together and then we did good work that night. We then found some recent converts and were able to try and help them back to church. Saturday we went on exchanges and had success with five lessons or so. I then was able to have dinner with that district. I realized that all the sisters that came out with me go home. That makes it official I am truly on the downhill of going home.

Sunday was the slowest day as the Zone was torn apart as we lost two sets of missionaries. Only four companionships were untouched by the transfers. I am bound to stay another transfer now as Elder Taylor is dead. He literally is filling out his plan to go home. We are losing more missionaries than we are gaining and I hope the spirits of missionaries will stay high. Anyways I hope I can continue to be a hard working and happy missionary.

Your faithful Paladin and Ally,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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