May 2, 2016


El Monte South


Elder Stoker

Perfectionist meets Reality

To be honest in this past week or so I have grown a whole lot more than most of my mission. It has been a humbling experience for me to look back at the weeks and realize how I have continually made a pretext about being perfect. The whole idea of this reality in the mission is we really come to know our personal weaknesses and personal problems. I have so many weaknesses it isn't even funny, but I believe my trial is pushing through all of them and overcoming my doubts and fears that hover in my mind. It has been a battle for me as I have come to a better peace inside myself.

It was a blessing this week as we just committed to do better at bringing members with us since it is a key stone in our work. We are trying to keep the ward going and working together. It was a great day on Monday because we had Hermano Hernandez helping us with our lessons. We were able to teach Sarahy and Amada. Both of these people
are extraordinary as there desires are motivating them to baptism. It has been a blessing as many of the people we meet are willing to accept the gospel.

It was really shown on Tuesday as we did exchanges with the AP's it was a good day. We were able to enjoy our time with them. I realized in that moment how imperfect they are. It was good for me to realize that I need to be patient with people. Most of all I need to be patient with myself. We literally did nothing that day except go to lessons, which was cool. It ended in a game of risk where I helped Elder Pinter win. It was good.

Wednesday was good yet and it was tiring. We did good work and helped a lot of our investigators. I was able to spend sometime catching up with Elder Clark as he was at the office. I miss working with him as he inspires courage and hope. Thursday was a good day as well. We spent sometime at the Chinese district meeting. We then had to weekly plan as the next day we had to move people around. We had three solid lessons again that night with members it was great.

We were able to participate in a taco night. It was really good and we were still able to teach some lessons. Saturday was great as we did exchanges with Elder Scholes and Elder Lindeman. We were able to help
them as we visited people and found a lot of success. I hope Elder Lindeman learned a lot from it. We then had a slow Sunday as we worked hard and were really tired and stressed. I have learned a lot and my patience has grown it is great. I will probably email more of you individually.

Your friend and knight,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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