February 8, 2016


La Puente, Baldwin Park


Elder Hunzeker

Time is too little

I swear I never have a lot of time anymore as the days have sped up. I
hardly get to read your emails and answer you question as I lack Wifi
to do so. I also have a hard time keeping up with the tasks around me.
It has been draining my energy more than ever. Going from a bike Elder
to a regular missionary again takes a lot of energy. Half of the time
as a bike Elder was spent with objects that correspond to the laws
given them. Humans do not always follow the laws given them, which in
some ways it is hurtful and someways it is helpful.

The blessing I receive is I have to be creating and inventing new ways
to help me learn and change. The strain it costs is enormous, but it
will help me in the end. I have to look past these walls and excuses
that we have in the world today and I have to help others do the same.
I feel like I have been pretty effective, but now I feel like the
level went up a bit and I have to raise my bar. Literally exercising
in the morning and pushing myself to achieve worth while goals. I saw
this a lot this week as we were doing are best and trying to find more

Now that I have a moment to think and ponder more my week last week
wasn't super bad. We found a ton of chosen people and we had a great
movie activity on P-day. It may have been hard because the last P-day
I didn't get to rest as much as I was still worried. We met someone
last week who was super ready to hear the gospel especially with the
restoration. We haven't been able to teach her again, but I want to go
back and find her. We then taught a man called Peter and he is a old
man with many ideas and he wants to tell stories and we have to talk
and help him think in order to help him learn. We have another family
who has fallen short because they feel like we are asking so much of
them already. We haven't really provided them with much member support
and I don't blame them.

We met another guy the other day who was super prepared as well in the
way of not knowing anything about religion. We are going to go see him
tonight and are going to see how his prayers have been going. We have
been laboring hard as we go about doing our work. We had a Zone
meeting on Friday and that was intriguing as they strongly talked
about asking for trials. I did so afterwards and the effects were
immediate, which caused me some pain and grief, but I did well. Trying
to keep everything balanced has been the hardest trial, but the
biggest blessing.

I also did a fast on only reading from the scriptures this week and I
learned about the body of the church, and the apostles and prophets
from the New Testament, and our calling and God's work in the Doctrine
and Covenants. It was a testimony to me that the prophets truly wrote
the scripture and that there mission is to testify of Jesus Christ. It
has fortified me against the ill winds and the trials that I face. For
example I had a person tell me that Joseph Smith wasn't important and
all that was important was that Jesus Christ is alive. It really put
me in a rage not on how she didn't know about or respect our religion
even though she said she did.

We had to blitz the sisters area as well since they didn't think they
are doing well. We didn't have much time to do it, but we were
somewhat effective. I believe that everyone in my district has a great
love and respect for me as well. None of them want the transfer to
come and I agree I want to have all of them for one more transfer, but
I don't believe that will happen. Some of them are going to move on to
be in better areas and have a even greater opportunity to come to know
I have noticed
that talking to you and getting all these burdensome thought out has
been great for me as my journal should be that relief, but it hasn't
worked because I haven't dedicated enough time to it. I realized how
much writing is something I love and I have been suppressing it
somewhat so I am going to use my thoughts more when I read and think
about scriptures. Anyways those our my thoughts, my requests, and
worries thanks for the support.

The GreenDragon,
Elder Richards🐉🇺🇸🇲🇽


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