January 19, 2016


La Puente, Baldwin Park


Elder Hunzeker

Aren't you hoppy?

Tenemos un conejo ya? Que suave! Estamos encontrando mucho éxito aquí
en el campo misional. Estamos trabajando muy duro en creando una rama.
Entonces ahorita trabajamos muy duro pero vamos a fijar expectaciones
y bautizar la gente.

Ok for those of you that don't speak Spanish. I am super exited as I
want to see the bunny now. I have been taking a lot of creative
pictures and such. I am exited as I get to do district meeting again
and I am preparing a week in advance. We also have the opportunity
this Wednesday to take part of a missionary training worldwide. I am
exited as the the general authorities talk directly to us.

I actually did do exchanges with Elder Teare and Wraught, which was
great. We enjoyed our time together. I am starting to learn how to
correct, plan, and better. I am super excited. I can't focus because
we are playing bang. I will send you some pictures.

Sorry I can't concentrate while playing Bang! We just played a six player Volleyball. It was great. I have realized that our branch is just starting so we really don't have any less actives. We have a couple that we need to start visiting all the members. What I actually have been doing is pulling back and I am trying to balance the control of the area. Elder Hunzeker is super shy, but he is just like my brother as we are so similar. If you remember Elder Angell he is just like him. Anyways. On Tuesday we were walking around in soaked shoes. One of our sisters has been practicing piano to play in sacrament.

It has been super cool to see the branch start to mobilize. My ward mission leader makes me think a little bit of home. He is just like you dad if you were Hispanic. He likes to be a handy man allow he doesn't do a lot of computer things. He is a super handy guy. I really am still trying to know more about the members as fast as I can so I can help them work. I really just had to get some of the stress off my mind so I can do the things I want to. I really only played bang because I was forced into it.

Something I have heard recently has really made me think. Our president said that the Latino people always say yes to things, but they don't ever commit. So he said something he had to do with them is sit down and go through all the excuses of why they don't come to church. They then prepared a plan for each one of them. When they respond why they didn't come to church they didn't have an excuse because they went through them all. It is a talent I want to have, which is planning and being prepared for even the worst.

We also seem to quote movies on our spare time and try to stay composed. I really like the idea of representing Jesus Christ and it has been on my mind as I have been given responsibility. I don't want the responsibility to change me, but I want to do my best in the calling. I feel like I am tempted at every turn and I really can feel the power of discernment, which God has given me. I want to do what is right and I get conflicted by others needs as well. It is a surprising responsibility that has fallen on my shoulders. It leads me back to Presidents story, but I feel like I have a greater desire to help and to do. I also want to do what is right for me so I am stuck in the middle of conflict. I will press forward with faith.

Love you guys sorry for starting off small, but I hope this satisfies your hunger.

Elder Richards


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