January 11, 2016


La Puente, Baldwin Park


Elder Hunzeker

Greenie breaking and DL

So his week has been super amazing as people have probably been the
friendliest they ever have been on my mission. I am truly enjoying
this transfer already as being an example is one of the biggest things
I have to be. Everyone here in my district has been out for less than
a year discounting the Zone Leaders. I haven't had to do much yet
except missionary work. I also have my hands full with Elder Hunzeker
as he still is unfamiliar with the language. It has been fun so far
together as I have had him do fun things to help him come out of his

We have done things such as reading from the Book of Mormon on top of
a chair in Spanish. We kind of think of it like the Rameumpton in the
Book of Mormon with the Zoramites how they did their prayers, but it
is different as it is doctrine. I have also done listening exercises,
where I speak in Spanish and he has to figure out what I am saying.
Also I have drilled him conjugating words and trying to use them in
sentences. It is cool to see him improve and see him spiritually
progress and come to know the people.

My duties as a district leader are very simple. It is to see how each
one of the companionship so are doing. I call at intervals every
couple of days and help them completed their goals and help them be
accountable to not only me, but God. I feel like I understand how God
works in a way and it kind of prepares me to be a dad a little bit. I
just like the fact that I can continue to help them in the ways they
think is necessary. I also get to know them and become a close friend,
which is a blessing.

I also have to report the numbers of our key indicators. You can find
those in Preach My Gospel if your super curious to what they are. I
get to do that and the calls and I get to prepare to teach district
meeting. It is kind of like Elders Quorum or Sunday School classes
except I have to have role-plays for them to do. I get to be their
guide and leader, but more importantly I am there servant to help them
change and become something better. I can also organize district
activities on P-day so we do something out of the regular. I think I
am going to do that soon and try and find a place that is fun to go

We have three baptismal date and they are all really cool people with
just a fault of faith. They simply are trying to follow until they are
touched deeply by the spirit. It is in the powerful spirit experience
that they want to be moved. They don't see that the small steps of
prepare them for those experiences will allow them to have that. It is
a battle, but I am super excited to help them change and have the
opportunity to receive such a blessing. I also get to go on exchanges
with the Elders in the district at the best possible times to help
them change. His improves the way they teach and how they are able to
help others that are suffering from problems.

Love from your son,
Elder Richards


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