July 22, 2019


Marília State of São Paulo, Brazil


Elder Frost

week 26

Im really really happy out here in Brazil guys! One of our baptisms like 3 weeks ago decided he is going on a mission a soon as possible (1 year) He is amazing! He has so much faith and he is working with us so much trying to bring as much of his family to the Gospel as possible. I told him the other day he is basically a missionary without a nametag and he just said, "not yet!" He might even be able to be on his mission at the same time as me! Anyways, im just super happy!

A couple nights ago we brought a trash bag into the house that was on our back porch. It was only in the house for like 15 minutes and i looked at the bag and something fell out of it. hahahaha next thing i saw was the ground moving! There were maggots everywhere it was disgusting.

Im working hard out here with my brother Elder Frost! Here in brazil people just have giant gates for houses so you have to clap. One day we did so many that i woke up the next night literlly clapping in my sleep. I woke myself up hahahah.

I hit 6 months tomorrow!!!!! its going fast!

yesterday i studied in Nephi 5 and it really related to a mom letting her son go on a mission. All of her sons were commanded by God to go get the plates in Jerusalem and when they returned Sariah testified thats the Lord had surely protected them and provided a way. This was after she had complained and worried alot for the lives of her sons. Wherever a missionary is in the world. However far from home a mom will worry for her missionary and pray to her Father to guide and protect them. I love my mom and all that she has done, is doing, and will do for me. Love you mom <3 :)

2 corianthians : We walk by faith not by sight.

love to everyone for their support and reading this email:) -Elder Millett


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