July 15, 2019


Marília State of São Paulo, Brazil


Elder Frost

monkey attacks and promising with the spirit

This week was a good one! full of hard work and tracking with the spirit.

We have an investigator named Edson that we met literally at the doors of the church building after we were walking out of a district meeting. He was with his wife and they have 4 young children that i still haven't met because they are in Sao Paulo. They just got here last friday so they have like only a mattress in their house. We went to his house the day after we met him and i noticed a box of 4 cigarettes on top of a cabinet. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. They basically responded with when can we get baptized!! At the end of the lesson Edson said that he had a problem with smoking so i stood up and got his box of cigarettes and said, "this is your last box of cigarettes ok? You won't smoke today anymore and you can use these 4 tomorrow but this is your last box. And if you stop smoking i promise you and your wife will get a fridge and a stove oven by saturday." (It was wednesday) He kept his promise and boom he got a fridge a stove oven and a table on saturday morning!!!

I went to a members house for lunch and they had a giant tree in there front yard that had like 20 little monkeys the size of squirrels. Their daughter gave me a cracker to break and feed them. These monkeys are like super cautious and one of them slipped trying to get the cracker and hit my arm and then fell on the ground. It didn't really attack me it just hit my arm haha I don't know why it didn't use its claws on my arm haha

The winter here was like 4 days of cold and wind that's all.

I am really learning the language of the spirit!
I'm loving the mission and working on charity and love right now. The first and greatest commandment is love God with all you heart, might, mind and strength. Tell Him that. The second is love others as you love yourself. Demonstrate this love. But don't forget to love yourself in the process too.
I love you all! -Elder Millett


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