June 10, 2019


Sarandi Parana Brazil


Elder Frost

Spirit Stallion of The Cimarron

I Just need cooler titles hahaha. Ill write a little about an experience I had this week recieving the whisperings of the spirit. It was actually yesterday at like 7:30 and my companion was feeling terrible and was walking super slow and he told me to take the lead with where we are going for knocking (clapping) on doors. I said a quick prayer that I would recognize which casas to go to and that the spirit would guide me. It was night time so we dont go to the houses with no lights and we avoid the nicer looking houses. I just walk in the middle of the street and look at each house and take notice to the thoughts and feelings that come as I look for houses. I passed quite a bit of houses almost a whole street until I passed one then felt I should go back. Right when I clapped a guys head popped out and he immediately looked familiar. He was a man we contacted in the street a couple weeks ago and "he said how did you guys find me?" The rest was just conversation and he was curious about our message. I dont know if anything will happen from it but when he said, "how did you guys find me?" I just couldnt stop smiling, it was so cool! The feeling was amazing.

This week went super fast! We have a lot of references and follow up lessons this week so hopefully we see some batismos in 2 or 3 weeks!

I was talking to some guy on a bus this week and I shared a quick message about how God is our Father in Heaven and he just kept saying, "mas eu sou boohoo" (Im a bum) Everyone in the bus was laughing bc he kept saying it and throwing his hands in the air. It was hard for me not to laugh but I just focused on my message that he was a child of God. Imagine what it would be like if you could see yourself as God sees you.

Eu te amo, ate mais! -Elder Millett


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