May 27, 2019


Sarandi Parana Brazil


Elder Frost

Week 18

This week was good, cold, and hard! Its getting colder and colder each night and we are worker harder and harder each day! I love the feeling of sore legs every day.
This area im in has a bunch of members! On sunday after relief society got out me and elder frost got slammed with lunch appointments it was like a wave of super excited super sweet grandmas that said, "Oh my goodness you two are coming over on ___day " It was crazy
On tuedsay we went to watch all the guys in the ward play soccer on the court at this wards church building. The bishop is like 30 years old and super athletic I dont think anyone scored on him as a golie. Anyways a returned missionary helped us scout out all the kids playing that werent members and we went and taught a boy named Marcos who was already going to church!!!! We taught him and his family several times this week annd i know Heavenly Father prepared them for us!! He is getting baptized next Sunday and his mom loved relief society and I think she will be baptized too! She already teaches her family like everything in the for strength of youth pamphlet. Her daughter knows english and goes to another church with a really weird name haha.
I gave a ten minute talk this week in sacrament meeting on missionary work!! It was a little scary because i didnt have a long notice before and this was an actual ward with 80 people. :) I really suprised myself it was really good.

I think im losing weight a little more from working out each day. My only motivation is a picture of a stripling warrior.

We ate lunch with the stake president yesterday and he gave me a bunch of sweet tips on missionary work!

My dad challenged me to fast and read Alma 32 with and open heart this week and that really helped my faith grow a ton! So ill pass the challenge onto everyone who reads this!!!

I love you all and never stop doing the basics (pray ON YOUR KNEES, read in the scriptures everyday, go to church and all church activities, and just do what Jesus would do)

with love -Elder Millett


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