May 22, 2019


Sarandi Parana Brazil


Week 17

I had zone conference last week which was awesome! We did an activity where the touchdown was baptism and split up in our areas we were serving into 2 different teams. We only did 4 plays but im the only one who caught a ball haha. I was on splits with the Zone leaders for almost a whole week (which was an accident) I learned a ton from them! They dont freeze, they just go! They just walked into someones house and there were like 6 giant guys playing poker and smoking and stuff. The just invited all of them to church it was awesome!
I got tranfered to marilia and had about a 9 hour bus ride and had to buy the right bus tickets by myself in portuguese :) I understand almost everything anyone says. My companion is Elder Frost from Utah! We have a large area and people say this area is hard to find investigators and the members are super nice.
I had alot of time on the bus to my new area and i opened up randomly to Alma 8 and it talks about Alma journeyings from city to city as a missionary. There was a verse that explained how distrought Alma was when nobody would listen to him in Ammoniah. He "Wrestled with God in mighty prayer" (wrestling with God sounds scary and unfair) but the next verse an angel appears to him and tells him to have joy for he had done what God had commanded of him. I know I am doing as God has commanded me! I know that He has called me to serve! I love Him! I know He loves me!! I love you all and I know He loves you too.
-Elder Millett


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