April 29, 2019


Paranavaí - State of Paraná, Brazil


Elder Franco

Political and English

This week was crazy!
So I didnt know it but apperently we live by a whore house (sorry im in lack of a better word and thats what they call them here) and they have already cat called out to me twice. All i heard was americano and then my companion telling me to not look in the house haha. So, we are working with the President to get a new house.:)

I bought hair cut clippers a couple weeks ago and decided to try to give myself a haircut... its really hard and i needed some help really quickly but its not too bad :)

WOW on Thursday I went on splits with the other american in my district who only has 6 months and it was dark outside. We clapped our hands outside one house and a younger woman came out and we asked for a cup of water and she went back in her house for like 5 minutes then finally came back out with some water. She seemed super scared and i saw she was wearing a dudes sandals that were huge on her so I dont think her husband was home. My companion was really weird and asking weird prying personal questions idk why i think he was nervous. SO after a little talking she went said she had to go turn the stove off and that took another 5 minutes ( I think she was on the phone with the police ) she came back out and said she had to go. We went to the next house and had a short conversation then we were walking down the street and WE GOT SURROUNDED by 2 cop cars and a motorcycle out of nowhere. Then about 12 or 13 police officers got out with ar-15s and told us to turn around and but our hands on our heads with our hands together. They gave us a good patdown everywhere and they checked everywhere!! They asked us a ton of questions and we just told them who we were and why we are here. :) They told us to go straight home and then the other American procedeed to shake every single one of their hands and I followed because i didnt know what to do and they looked really confused that we did that hahaha.

We are teaching our pizza guy and he is learning english SO we asked him if we could go to his english learning school and help all of them! We went to his school and IT WAS SO WEIRD speaking english again. I accidentaly switched to portuguese a couple times its was hard hahaha. We invited the whole language school(like 50 people) to church the next sunday.

On Saturday night my companion told me i had to give a talk that he forgot to tell me about haha. So I picked prayer to talk about and my talk went super well!!! I only paused on like a couple words! After an english instuctor at the school who stood out to me came in a little late after my talk ! He went to the back of the chapel and stayed standing. I looked at him and smiled and waved him over to sit by me and he just looked so relieved and happy. I had a moment where I just said in my head, "this is awesome! it feels so good to be a missionary."

I think thats all for week 14 :)
Love you all -Elder Millett


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