April 22, 2019


Paranavaí - State of Paraná, Brazil


Elder Franco

Monkeys and Angry Man

This week we had Zone conference about diligence and obedience and I had to do a role play in front of 20 other elders which was rough. I bought a sweet nike backpack in Maringa! I went on an hour split with my zone leader and he gave me a ton of really good advice that I have been searching for:)
I saw some monkeys in a park in maringa!! There were like 10 of them and i got really close to a couple!!
Cool experience we were walking past the entrance of a gas station and this truck didn't look like it was stopping so i stopped and he stopped (everyone has done this you know how it feels-kinda awkward) and he yelled at me so I just kept my head down and kept walking past the front of his truck (I've been taught when men yell at you, you shouldn't stare at them because that sometimes means you want to fight) I don't know what he said but my comp stopped and talked to him and he wants us to go over to his house for lunch!!! Hahaha I thought he was super mad but apparently he was just really passionate about having us over for lunch. :)
We taught a bomb lesson on Wednesday and I told the investigator about my experience baptizing my younger sister and I almost started bawling :)
Portuguese is going good!

Hope everyone is doing well!
Eu te amo! -Elder Millett


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