April 15, 2019


Paranavaí - State of Paraná, Brazil


Elder Franco

Staying here in Paranavai

This was a good week!! Transfers are tomorrow and i'm staying Paranavaí!!! Super excited bc I got a better bed and not that its a game but we are shooting for beating our baptisms last transfer(10) and I think that we will have another american in our district so i'm excited for that!

I made 2 batches of brownies and a giant coconut cake successfully!! reading the português directions!! (sorry no pictures we ate them too fast) (different days too or I would throw up)

My português is getting better! I can hold a decent conversation with others and I feel comfortable at the cash register by myself :)

I learned how to play "If the Savior stood beside me" on the piano this week with the right hand. Its one of my favorite hymns it brings the spirit every time I hear it

This week I remember asking Heavenly Father specifically to provide an opportunity to talk to someone for a long time so I can get better at portuguese. After we helped with seminary on Friday one girl asked us to go to the bus stop with her so she wouldnt be alone. We went with her and my companion said I should practice and talk to her and we had a really good conversation! (a little help from google translate on her phone). The bus never came after about 30 minutes! So, we walked with her to her house thats 40 minutes away. I was really grateful for the opportunity to practice my portuguese and for the answer to my prayer that day!

I have had 2 fast sundays here in the field. There are only like 20 or 30 member so I have gone up both Sundays. I realized how much easier it is to just get up not knowing what ill say and just sharing my testimony. My comp says lets go and I dont feel shy or scared or anything:)

Oh my goodness the cars here get so close to hitting you. I think wednesday there were 2 times where I picked up my back foot super quickly because a car was so close!

I love seeing my shoes getting worn down and my terrible watch tan line!!
stay updated! I love you all!!! -Elder Millett


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