April 8, 2019


Paranavaí - State of Paraná, Brazil


Elder Franco

Conference and explosion!

This week was really fast! We are working on a couple investigators. Im confused though because they don't want to be baptized and wont give us an answer why but they come to church every week and they came to watch conference with our branch.

Conference was awesome! I listened in portuguese to saturdays session and Sundays in English. Ill go back and read Saturdays bc I spent alot of the time translating in my head while the speakers kept talking. :) My favorite was Elder Rasbands talk I felt like I just wrote his whole talk down haha. I really liked the fortress with a watchman analogy to the church and President Nelson as the watchmen telling us that we NEED to rely on the Holy Ghost to give us personal revelation in these latter days.

I saw my first monkeys on Wednesday!!! I got so excited when I saw them but I was in a bus so only got a quick glimpse of them :/

This week was a little challenging mentally but when I struggled I remembered a quote I saw on a guys shirt when he came and tried to rip off the stance symbol on my sock last week. I had no idea what he was running at me for then he just vigorously tried to rip it off my sock like it wasnt supposed to be there. I was really uncomfortable, Anyways his shirt said, "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." Just helped me to remember that If everything was easy then there would be growth.

Showers here just have an electric wire dangling going from the wall to the shower head to heat the water. I was taking a shower on Friday morning and out of nowhere a giant explosion happened like someone dropped a firework through the window (thats what I thought happened because it has happened before but just little firecrackers) There was fire on top of the shower head, I couldnt see because of all the smoke, and there were sparks all over the wet ground. It was one of the top ten scariest moments of my life for sure haha. whoever is in this area only has cold showers going into the coldest season here.

I weighed myself and I have gained about 10 pounds. I need to eat healthier. The other elders just buy cakes and chocolates and chips and stuff so I bought some coconut water, some mini bananas, a mango and a couple dozen eggs:)

I love you all! thank you for the emails, prayers and love! -Elder Millett


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