April 1, 2019


Paranavaí - State of Paraná, Brazil


Elder Franco


This week was awesome!! We had the opportunity to baptize 2 brothers that were age 8 and 9 and now they can come to church with their older brother who's an active priest.
We have been working with another investigator the whole time we have been here and he is 14 with a great light of Christ in his eyes!
We had the greatest experience baptizing this family with 4 boys! The oldest is 22 and I remember the first time we taught him he was washing his motorcycle and didnt seem to interested but when I bore my testimony (basically all i can do) he stopped and looked at me and I told him WHEN not IF he get baptized he will feel that it is right and he will feel the Holy Ghost very strongly. SO when we baptized the family all 4 of us elders that helped teach them were wearing white so we all had the opportunity to baptize them. I got in the font first and one of the other elder asked them who wanted me to baptize them and he just started walking to the font and I couldnt help but smile from ear to ear! He was so ready! when he closed his eyes boom the Spirit was so powerful!!! Just like I promised ! It was so special to me to see that Heavenly Father carries through with the promises that I will make to investigators as I promise in the name of Jesus Christ!
I know He lives!! I know He is at the head of His church directing the work through His chosen vessels!
A little more about my week: My stomach has been hurting pretty bad for like 3 days and I think I figured out what it was (Some antiacid tablets I have been taking at night bc my throat has acid reflux sometimes) So im not taking those anymore :)
I am learning a lot from the elders I am serving with One of them goes home soon and gives us a dialy countdown every morning when he wakes up he yells something like, "Dois semanas e quatro dias!!" (2 weeks and 4 days) hahaha
Oh two of the elder bought foam pool noodles and have battles in the apartment alot its super funny
I love you all! Keep taking your spiritual vitamins for conference! send me an email and ill be sure to respond to you ;)
-Elder Millett


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