March 28, 2019


Paranavaí - State of Paraná, Brazil


Elder Franco

1st Baptism!!!!

This was a good week!! We have 10 people on date for baptism next weekand we had a baptism on Saturday! The man we baptized walked into the building during seminary a week ago and said, "I need to be baptized" really a miracle!!!

Ill tell you a little more about Brazil life and Paranavai (Where im serving I dont think I said that in earlier emails)
-There are only small cars here and busses that somehow fit on the roads( super scary to ride in)
-Ive seen 4 dead snakes and one alive one in the roads
-The chickens legs here are super long probably bc they actually run away from predators here
-All the roads are not perpendicular and directions mess with my head bc the roads were the directions in good ol gilbert, az
-Anytime we walk on the streets people look at my nametag and then up at my smiling face I love it! I just love the nametag with 2 names on it :)
-Spiders are everywhere! one time I was praying at at invesigators house and i peeped down real quick (we are all guilty of it haha) and there was a spider right below the knot of my tie!! I just pinched it dead real quick
-I heard gunshots at like 10 pm and the other elders all looked at me and were asking me if i was ok and comforting me, it was super funny. I just kept saying eu bom, tudo bem. Im guesing some other elder from the us freaked out one time and they think all US elders are like that haha
-I saw a couple fireflies one night!!! I really was happy about that
-Every morning when we walk out our gate there are at least 12 cats across the street that just stop what theyre doing and stare at us

A question ive been having lately at the front of my mind is, How do I recognize the promtings of the Holy Ghost? On page 97 of PMG it has this exact question!!! It says to read moroni 7:13, 16-17( Every good thing is of Christ) and Gordan B. Hinkley said, "THATS THE TEST, when all is said and done. Does it persuade one to do good, to rise, to stand tall, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be generous? Thn it is of the Spirit of God" If you know in your heart it i good then you should always carry through with that action.It goes on to say, "YOUR TASK is to live worthy, pray fervently and learn to recognize and follow courageously the spirits guidance." As I strive to take this TEST I invite you all to try it out for yourselves. If you ever have a direct question I urge you to take it to the Book of Mormon because God can speak to you through the powerful words of that true book!!

President Nelson said in the last conference to take your spiritual vitamins for this upcoming conference!! itll be here in no time!

Sorry this one is a little long! I love you all !!! -Elder Millett


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