March 11, 2019


Paranavaí - State of Paraná, Brazil


Elder Franco

Primero Semana em o campo!!! (first week in the field)

The ctm is really boring compared to being in the field WOW. My first day out I was with 3 other missionaries proselyting It started POURING so we took cover under a giant tree and it really didnt help so they just started walking in the middle of the street and I was soaked to the bone in a couple seconds. It started raining even harder and we tried to find some actual cover and a car zoomed by us and my district leader tried crossing the street and he ran into the side of the car!! if he went a little earlier it wouldve been really bad!!! We are truly watched over and protected out here

Saturday morning they found a shopping cart and pushed it to our house and they stayed up late taping a bunch of cuttout pictures from church magazines on the side of it. I had no idea what was going on but when we started for church we went and picked up a family to go to church and the little kids hopped in the cart. It was awesome!! We pushed the cart around the rest of the day and literally EVERYONE was watching us hahaha.

We walk a ton! My legs are super sore but I love it!

My companion is Elder ranco hes from Mexico and he reminds me a lot of Anthony.The other elder in my apartment always make jokes with me I just play along haha. I TRULY have been thrown in the deep end!! The mtc is like going a couple steps in a pool then getting out every hour and the field is being drowned in the deep end and I cant come up for air hahaha I love it thouch im learning a bunch every day.

My bed is super bad and when it rains at night water comes through the ceiling onto my leg.

Igo on splits all the time with our DL. He goes home in 5 weeks and Its hard for me to follow the lesson but he brings the spirit into every lesson.

stay tuned! -Elder Millett


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