February 26, 2019


CMT Sao Paulo Training Center


Uchdorf & Almost outta here!

As much as I love the CTM I cant wait to get out of here and be more on my own with just one campanion not being stuck in a classroom all day :)
Elder Uchtdorf came last Wednesday!!! His talk was perfect, I felt like he was answering questions I didnt even know how to ask. Right before he spoke he goes shall we all shake hands? He talked about repentance and about prayer and the powerful tool that we have access to 24/7.
I keep getting volleyballs stuck here hahaha. there is a giant net above the courts and ill hit it and it bounces through the side and gets stuck on top above us.
I hope the beds in my mission are better than the ones here. I always have knots in my neck and Im convinced the mattresses are from 1950.
Last pday was the best!!! outside of mr. cheneys (a cookie place outside the ctm that all the missionaries get really good cookies and american pizza on pdays) Ithey put a list of all the missionaries that have gifts for them. Last week I took up half the paper hahahaha, shout out to my mom and dad, love you!!
Thank you to the Mendens for helping me out with camera stuff I think you might be able to get some pictures now!
One more week until im in Londrina!!!


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