February 5, 2019


CMT Sao Paulo Training Center


Week 2!!

Hey everyone, this week has been super good!!! The language is coming along slowly but surely, I can understand like half of the conversations at lunch and about the gospel.

I got to go to the Sao Paulo Temple last week it was awesome! I'm going to the Campinas Temple tomorrow, too! Pdays are awesome! Last week my companion had wayyy too much energy on p-day, so someone made a joke that he should run some laps across the street back and forth to get his energy out, and he made a quick step towards traffic and made a car screech to a stop. It was kind of embarrassing because there were like 20 missionaries next to us.

Everyone has a Neymar jersey here, it's really funny. When we play vball we will have all the naymars on one team hahaha. I am so happy we have volleyball here, it's honestly such a blessing that I still get to play out here. I play with this little Peruvian guy who also played vball, and every time I see him in the halls, he always reminds me of my dad because my dad served in Peru.

Before I left, I went through my dad's mission pictures with him and I saw how much he loved the people in Peru, and it makes me really excited to love the people of Londrin.

Laundry is really hard here, I don't like washing it with other people, but it could be worse.

I was challenged by one of my teachers to find out what spiritual gifts I have been given. That exercise is really great, it can be found in Moroni 10 and in the D&Cs somewhere. A couple days ago, I was getting frustrated at something and I read my patriarchal blessing. I'm really grateful for my patriarchal blessing, it really helped me feel comforted and gave me the help I needed at that time.

I can't wait to get out to Londrina!! My teacher is saying we will all be "baptizing machines."

I love and miss you all!!! -Elder Millett


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