January 29, 2019


CMT Sao Paulo Training Center


1 week down!!

Hey all, This first week has been awesome as a missionary! I love looking in the mirror and seeing the name of Jesus Christ over my heart, it's the best feeling ever I can't describe it.
Like half of the days in the week we get physical actividade and all the brazilians play volleyball so I'm really happy about that. There are 2 courts, all cement and 20 feet long instead of 30 AND you can't jump. :( But hey, I still get to play I can't complain.
Showers aren't too fun here you need to make sure your mouth is closed and there are always at least 20 small flies staring at you, haha.
The meals are either really good or really bad. Every single breakfast I've had was a small loaf of bread that you had to cut open (I cut my finger on the 2nd day haha) and you put ham and cheese in it, then toast it. All the other meals have rice and beans and it's really good!
On Sunday Elder and Sister Soares gave a devotional at the provo mtc and it was broadcasted to us it was awesome. One thing I really like from it was Sister Soares said that, "we are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." That's been sticking with me and I was wondering what it would be like if everyone was just walking around as spiritual beings without a body. Another thing...
On about the 3rd day, I went to choir for the first time and I was really struggling trying to read the words while listening to the pronunciation, so a lot of the time I just found myself standing there not singing anything and I was getting a little bummed. Then the words of a quote popped in my head. It could have been from volleyball but the quote was, "Comparison is the thief of joy." I learned on Sunday during a lesson on the holy ghost that, "the holy ghost can bring all things to your remembrance." Also, my companion is really good at portuguese and he will talk to Brazilians all the time and I don't understand anything so that really helped and I was grateful for that insight from the Holy Ghost.
It's hard to send pictures from here because the computers are 2006 dells haha so I'll figure that out soon. :)

Love you all!!! -Elder Millett


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