February 21, 2022




Tyler Ellis

Hello All

This week we saw quite a few miracles in our lives. Weve got quite a large teaching pool, and so it was hard to keep up with everyone and know where we should put our energies. But we were able to plan together and receive revelation as companions, and I really felt like we were able to reach out and touch the people that needed that. So....

Emilly was confirmed this Sunday. It was a powerful experience for all of us there in the Sacrament meeting. When I went to talk to her mom after the meeting, she whispered that she wants to get baptized too. Which was pretty surprising, seeing that we don't know her super well, because of how far she lives away. That same day, we scheduled a visit over there with Bishop. Erica has three daughters, Dandara, Inaê, and Emilly. Dandara and Inaê are twins, and Emilly is younger. Its been two years since Dandara started going to church, and one by one, her sisters got involved. We have an excellent Bishop who takes care of the youth and really gets involved with them, and he has been really effective. The youth really support and love each other, and they have voleibol every Wednesday and Saturday. Anyway, when we broached the subject of baptism, Erica explained that maybe it seemed like she had made the decision fast, because she has only had one lesson from us. But she said that watching her daughters, and the members of the church she has made friends with, had convinced her that this really is what she wanted. I know that the Spirit works behind the scenes to prepare peoples hearts, and we as members and missionaries just have to love, share, and invite, and it will all work out. Never underestimate what a simple invitation can do. You can be a good missionary. It´s totally within your power to do.

Love you all lots. We have Zone Conference this week. We hope that the missionaries will leave happy and excited, and full of ideas for how to work with the members effectively. Turns out, one of the most effective things that you can do as a missionary is teach the members how to be missionaries, and help them know that their invitations and contributions really matter. We have a good high councilor that we will give training with him. Please pray for us that this training will be effective, and for the family above that the mom will be able to keep the commitments and be baptized.

This mission is a much happier place now, but we have a lot of room to grow, and the church does too. We are excited to see the church grow, and the day when there will be a temple in Londrina. It´s easier to build a temple than to prepare a people ready to enter the Temple, but we can do this. But we can´t do this alone. I knwo that we rely on a higher power, becuase this church would not have progressed as much as it has without God´s love and his direction. That comes as much as we seek for it, and that is why we have to have high expectations!!! We have to beleive that there are (D&C 123:12) people waiting for this message. Weve gotta believe that there are people who will become truly converted, and that we will become truly converted in this process of preaching the gospel. We have to leave time for the Lord, beleiving that, in the middle of our crowded lives, God will make it worth it and give to us a double and more portion. We have to believe that our actions can influence the conversion and even the course of the eternal life of another. We can´t get tired, because we have to remember that there are lives (eternal lives) on the line. Weve got to love, share, and invite. And believe, because if we have faith, God will make it happen.

I love this work. I love all of you. Thank you for so many of you having prayed for me valiantly all the weeks I have been in the mission field, it really does make a difference. Hope you all have a great week, and Id love to hear from you guys too. I'm praying for you.

-Elder Wells


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