September 13, 2021


Campo Mourao, Parana, Brasil


Elder Lacerda

Hello Family and Freinds!!!

This week was really good! We had an awesome district conference where a returning missionary and an outgoing missionary spoke, and there was a very powerful and sweet Spirit there. Also Claudia Gonzaga (who was in the Centro Civico Ward in Maringá) spoke about covenants and commitments and being people of the covenant. It was a fiery discourse and I loved it. Being committed to keep our covenants, follow the prophet, and hear the voice of the Lord even when it's inconvenient and sometimes painful is what keeps us glued to the iron rod and on the Straight and narrow path.

Elder Lacerda likes to do "movie night" which is where, after we get ready for bed, we watch a Book of Mormon video. This week we watched Lehi's vision and I got to ponder about how we stay on the Straight and narrow path.

Elder Bednar and Sister Bednar's devotional yesterday was fantastic!!! I invite you all to watch it. Something we noticed is that he didn't directly respond to ANY of the questions, but rather spoke about basic principles and how we can use them to get answers for ourselves. Truly the day is arriving where we can no longer live on borrowed light. Fantastic!!!

We worked a lot this week with the list of prospective Elders, people who were baptized and could have received the priesthood but did not. We are hoping to help some people get back to church!!! One man, Clayson, said that he really missed church and we are planning to go meet his family with one of his old friends from when he was a member, Marcio. We are really excited for that. Elder Lacerda is really good at football (soccer) and we are thinking about starting a weekly football activity to bring men to church. The volleyball is doing really well at bringing youth to church but we want to focus on adults as well.

Hanry is a young basketball player that has been coming to our activities and loves playing with us and he is starting to get interested in the church. This Sunday was his second time and we had a great lesson with his mom too on Saturday, so everybody pray that we will get an opportunity to teach again this week and that they will feel the Spirit change their hearts and motivate them to come to church and be part of this.

A short closing thought. Missionary work is impossible. Its easy to invite someone to come to an activity but its impossible for a missionary to produce true conversion. Following the Savior and being part of His church requires constant sacrifice. Its hard. It takes effort. It takes effort because he wants us to become like Him, and we can't do that, or invite others to do it effectively, without the guiding, comforting, and strengthening influence of the Holy Ghost. Once again, I invite everyone who didn't get the chance to watch Elder Bednar's devotional and ponder about how to invite and let the Holy Spirit guide. I'm excited to do that a little more this week.

Love yas

-Elder Wells


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