August 16, 2021


Campo Mourao, Parana, Brasil


Elder Lacerda

New Companion and Lots of people to teach

Sorry for my lack of email last week. I hope you all enjoyed the video and the singing. I grew to love Elder Queiroz a lot and grew a lot with him. It was so good to have a companion like that who loves the gospel and loves to serve the Lord like he does. I am equally excited to work now with Elder Lacerda, who has already shown himself to be an excellent missionary.

Its been a good week. Elder Manwaring and Elder Tybusch came to my area and we had some really good lessons together. We shared favorite scriptures from the Book of Mormon with a new couple named Vinicius and Kamila and talked about eternal families. We did the same thing with Ana Karla and Mauricio and Ana Karla voiced a strong determination to be baptized this year. I have seen her faith grow a lot and I am so happy and excited for her to be part of this great work. We are still working with her and with Mauricio and Felipe on their testimonies. They are so good and have been such a pleasure to teach.

We got invited by a young man who had met the missionaries before to come play soccer in the park, so on Elder Lacerdas first day in the field in Brasil I dragged him all the way across the city to the Lake Park only to have the young man not show up, but it turned out alright because he felt bad and we are hopeful he will come to church this next week.

We also met a new family from Venezuela that have some friends that are members of the church. It is a mother and two daughters. We organized a family night with another Venezuelan family and taught the restoration. It was a big success and I am sure we will get them to come to church next week. I felt good about it because the mothers of the two families really connected as they shared their experiences of how difficult it was to leave their home countries, and all their material wealth, including losing their houses, and I felt their pain and was glad that they were able to offer support for one another. We will see how the teaching goes.

Lots of people to teach and I am very happy. We just need to take things one step at a time and I need to learn to be patient and let people get converted at their own pace. Its been a really good week.

Love you all. If you need anything go ahead and send me an email, I am more than happy to respond. A big hug for everyone. I am praying for you.

-Elder Wells


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