January 6, 2020


Paranavai, Brazil


Elder Standage


my dear , wonderful, family and friends. My heart is full of gratitude to you all for the examples that you are in my life, the prayers that you make for me, and the good things that you do that lifts the world around you. Remember that no good thing that you do goes unnoticed in the eyes of God, and that he will reward you, even if sometimes doing the right thing seems hard. I have come tool of the new youth theme song for 20/20 I will go and do. It has come to mean something special for me that heavenly father will always make a way for us to do what is right, so that one day we can be who he wanted us to me, and get to our Heavenly home.

this week has been pretty incredible. I took a trip to a city called Marilia to get my Visa renewed, and I saw a lot of Elders that are really good friends and are examples to me. It was a reminder of how much somebody that is a genuine friend and tries to do the right thing can have a good influence on the world around them. These Elders have had a great influence on me. In the photos you'll see them, Elder Nelson, who I did the push-up contest with, elder Barlow, Elder millet, Elder Braga, and so many others. I just wanted to tell you all that your example counts for somebody, if you were trying your best. And now a cool experience from the week. Unfortunately I don't have time to write a lot today, but I just wanted to tell you a cool experience that I had with the Book of Mormon. 2 young women that were baptized a month or so ago we have continued to visit their family. Saturday night we had dinner at their house, and it was a good time with lots of fun talking. The mom told the story that really made me happy. she is not a member of the church, and isn't really interested in going to church. But she told us that lately, when she has a bad day and doesn't know what to do, she asks her eleven-year-old daughter Stephanie to read a part of the Book of Mormon. And every time that Stephanie reads, she feels like what is red is what she needed to hear that day. The Book of Mormon helped her in her life, and that made me really happy, and it made me really happy that Stephanie is reading the book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that reading the book of Mormon brings us closer to Jesus Christ. Sorry that my email is so short today, I have only a little bit of time. But know that I love all of you, and have a great week.

-Elder Wells

dear Mom, thank you for your love and prayers. Your email let me know that you are truly thinking about me, and I know that your prayers have a greater effect than even you imagine. Have a great time on your cruise trip, and remember if you get lost just say a prayer and heavenly father will help you out. I'm praying for you. Lots of love, your son.


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