January 13, 2020


Paranavai, Brazil


Elder Lorenzo

Hi Family

I love you all. It was an incredible and exciting week. There is always too much to write about, but I hope that you all like reading my emails anyways.

-Last Sunday my companion and I were invited to go to an Evangelical church by a family we met. The mother of the family sings often in church and invited me to sing something, and I happily accepted. We got there nice and normal, meeting all of the people, and we sat in the back with this family. But then, as the service started, they invited the two visiting missionaries up in the front. So we got up and were presented by the pastor as the cantor and the pregador. (the singer and the preacher). The service was lots of fun and interesting to watch, lots of energetic music and preaching. Then it was my turn, so I went up there and sang my bit to "gloria a Deus" and "amen", which I hope means that I did a good job :). Then I sat down happy, ready to watch the end in peace. Then the pastor, who was sitting next to us, leans over and says: hey the guy who was supposed to preach the sermon at the end hasn't shown up yet. Could you sing a few more? And Elder Lorenzo he invited to preach. What ended up happening was that I sang several hymns a cappella (in English because I don't have the Portuguese memorized yet) and Elder Lorenzo spoke for 15 minutes (no preparation). And it was great, they loved it. I spoke about how it's really important that all the religions can work together, united by our common belief in Christ. They even gave us a ride home at the end (sorry mom we didn't make it by 9:30. They were counting on us). But it was a good experience and opened some doors.
-We went to the little group of saints in Colorado again. It's just a phenomenal experience to participate in the Church when it's in a growth phase like that. This is the very beginning of the church in Colorado, PR, Brazil, a very small town in the middle of nowhere. And there is just such a powerful missionary spirit. The majority of the saints there emigrated recently from Venezuela, and it is hard for them. To learn a new language, accustom to a new place, find work. And yet somehow their trials have strengthened their faith. They are sharing the gospel like crazy, even in the hard situation that they are in. There were so many references that there was no way that we would ever be able to visit them. I love those families over there so much. Only when the Spirit of God works can you meet people and only a few days later feel like they are part of your family. I can't explain the feeling, but I feel so responsible for them. I desire their well-being. It is the love of Christ that comes when we give of ourselves as He did. There were some incredible teaching experiences where the Spirit was really strong and I felt directed to say things that people needed to hear. Also I can testify once again that the gift of tongues is real; most of the teaching over there was in Spanish. (Spanish is my weak language, I speak it but not well) But incredibly I was able to communicate certain important thing with an amazing clarity that surprised me. The interesting thing about the gift of tounges is that it works as we are worthy of it but also as it is needed. This means that when the gift of tongues works you will not necessarily speak perfectly the language all at once but that if you have prepared diligently, you will be able to communicate clearly what is needed. And the Spirit will touch the heart of the person. I testify that it is true. Preach my Gospel says that the mark of a successful missionary is not how many baptisms that you have but rather if you are diligent, obedient, and if you feel the Spirit speak through you. I testify that that privilege, to feel the Spirit speak though us to bring others closer to Christ, is available to all of us as members of His church, if our sincere desire is to bring souls closer to Him. It is possible for all of us to be missionaries in our own little way. This talk is really good:]

I love you all so much. Send my love to all my friends and family that you know don't see the emails, and have a great week all.

-Elder Wells


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