September 17, 2019


Maringá, Brazil


Elder Schmittner

Life is good in Maringá!

Its a great feeling to work hard and watch the things that God is doing. I always said that when you work hard, you can count on Heavenly Father to make the difference and change people´s lives, but now I understand this on a whole new level. It's so good to leave every day for the road not worrying about what's going to happen, but having faith that God has people prepared that need to hear our message.

This last week we have had people that we were able to discover what was impeding them from getting closer to God, and help them to overcome these things. This week we had an amazing first lesson with a man named José. We woke him up clapping in front of the gate (and I felt bad) but he happily attended us and invited us in to talk even though he was napping. He is really one of those people that are easy to love at first sight because of how sincere they are. I remember we asked him basically how his relationship with God was. He told us about his faith and respect for the word of God, and that he has a desire to follow better and be closer to God. We talked about baptism, and felt prompted to challenge him to prepare to be baptized. Initially he talked a lot about why he isn't sure. As missionaries the most important question is why? What is impeding you. We discovered that he was afraid of getting baptized and afterwards leaving the path of God, and losing the salvation that he so desperately wanted. And it was a phenomenal experience because we just read the scriptures with him, scriptures about following God, about how the gift of the Holy Ghost, which we receive at baptism, gives us the guidance that we need to follow Him, and we don´t have to worry about falling off the path. It was just a really phenomenal spiritual experience because we testified, and the scriptures spoke to him, and the Spirit of God spoke even louder. In the end he related that he knew that the fear that he has is from Satan and not from God, and he knows that he can overcome it with the help of God. ]

I know that after being baptized, we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by those who have the authority of God to do so! I know that as it says in John 16, the Spirit will guide us into all truth and 2 Nephi 32:5 will show us all things that we should do. I know that we need not fear, and that the Spirit lets us know the truth of our decisions and the things we learn, if we are willing to ask. Without the Spirit, there is no way I could hand someone a book that is not the bible and testify that it is true and they can know too. I know that the Spirit is real.

I love you guys all a lot. I miss seeing you. But the work is really sweet here. Jesus Cristo nos ensina, nos fortalece, e nos capacita.

-Elder Wells


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