September 9, 2019


Maringá, Brazil


Elder Schmittner

Fun week in Maringá

We are so blessed! We work hard, and when we do our part, God literally sends us right to the people that I know are needing to hear our message. As we develop the habit of talking to everyone, inviting and asking great discerning questions, and most importantly, listening to the Spirit, we return to the house feeling like we touched the people that The Lord had in mind for us that day. It's been a hard transfer. We have had a lot of things fall through, people that we thought would progress and come closer to Christ by way of the church but chose not to, rejection, etc. We have our faults too, things we forget to do or do bad. But that feeling coming home at the end of the day: "Well done", comes from the Spirit, and God doesn´t lie. He is also more honest and brutal than any human about how we need to improve, and when I read the scriptures I feel that part too. It's a good experience.

I think Elder Schmittner is great. He reminds me to be less stressed, which is just what I need. This week we did splits with Elder Guercio and Elder Guzmán which was tons of fun. Its always a good experience to learn from the way someone else does things, both giving and getting advice to be better in your own area. The day we did splits was quite productive and we met some great people that we are excited to be teaching. The pics are of the splits and district meeting, which is always tons of fun.

I just wanted to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon. Im so grateful that I get to read it every day. I talk to a lot of pastors and members from other churches, and it is always impressive to me that they have so much faith, but they have absolutely no concept of the great purposes of God in gathering the house of Israel on the earth. Ask your friends about the gathering of Israel. See what they respond. Then present them with the Book of Mormon. Or show them the video! I'm so excited for it to come out.

I love you all! Yet another thank you for all the support, emails, prayers, and love!

-Elder Wells


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