April 8, 2019


Londrina 3rd Ward and Londrina Zone


Michael Ryan McIntire

The gospel is really simple!

I love you all family and friends!

This week we had the worldwide conference of the church of Jesus Christ. We heard the voices of the prophets called by Jesus Christ that make this church not just one among many, but the true Church of Jesus Christ. It was a powerful experience for me. There are many hours of prayer behind every one of the messages delivered, and through the words of the Apostles and Prophet, I heard His voice, and felt the confirmation once again that He, Jesus Christ, called these men. I loved how simple the messages were. Joy comes from our relationship with God, and seeing ourselves become who He wants us to be. He will turn us all into new creatures as we make covenants with Him and keep them. He offers us eternal life, life after death in his presence. And the best part is, He offers this no matter what, as long as we choose Him. Have faith, and repent, and He will make you like Him. This is what we offer every day. Unfortunately, I'm totally inadequate to offer this huge message, but He is behind it. My goal is only to connect them with Him.

We are teaching a wonderful group of people about the gospel. I love every one of them. It's tough to let you know who they are, but just know that the work of the Lord is going forward, and we can feel His love!
Pictures included:
Three daughters of the family that is wonderful that we are teaching. Lorena, Luana, and Lauana. They are a fine happy family, and they love attending church. We hope that they will feel God´s love even more as they choose to be baptized!

Two brothers that are wonderful, Rafael and Mateus. Rafael came to conference and we hope that he will be baptized soon!

Cool horse police guys that we aren't teaching but kindly let us shoot a photo with them.

Londrina midday and at night.

My challenge to you all is: watch a message of the conference, even if you already did. Go back! Hear The Lord´s voice speaking to you!

You are in my prayers

Love, Elder Wells


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