March 11, 2019


Londrina 3rd Ward and Londrina Zone


Michael Ryan McIntire

First week in the Field

If you would like to write to David his email is He would love to here from you.

Family & Friends,
First off, I love you all my friends and family and you give me strength! I love doing this missionary work, helping people learn that God really does love them. Because of this, this week I think that I have felt more deeply that God loves me, while trying to help other people feel that. Its much harder than I expected though. To be totally honest, I was pretty homesick the first couple of days in the field. I thought a lot about my family, and how grateful I am for them. I know that we are sealed in the temple and that our family will be a family in the next life even after death. I want other people to know that, and that helped keep me going. I love the Savior Jesus Christ! He has blessed me far more than I deserve with these blessings!

We've got a really big area with three major neighborhoods. We live in Jardin das Americas in Shangre-la in the outskirts of Londrina. We baptized a wonderful girl this Saturday. Her name is Anna Julia, she is eight and has been going to church with here grandma. I attatched the photo. We have three families that we are teaching too. They are really nice. The first one is Eduardo, Luzelaine, and Ariadne their daughter. Eduardo is a member and his wife and daughter want to be baptized. The other two I have not met yet. We make the majority of our contacts walking in the street, and sometimes we knock doors when we have time. When you knock doors here in Brazil you actually clap, because everyone has a patio and a gate in front of their house. The people are super nice and I love them. The members are really kind to us and we eat lunch at their houses almost every day.

Questions from Mom answers from David
1. What is your living situation like?
tiny apartment with almost nothing in it. We are cleaning it and getting stuff to cook with etc
2. What is the biggest challenge for you so far and how are you facing it?
Feeling discouraged. There is so much we need to organize to really get this area going! But I have faith in the Savior that just like in times past in my life where I started feeling discouraged, I know that He will help me. The members and people here are really nice and that has really helped.
3. Where do you go to get email?
A public computer building
4. What is your companion's full name and where is he from?
Michael McIntyre
Coeur d'alene, Idaho

I'm going to miss my MTC district and Elder Wagstaff. We got so close! We spent all day every day working together. They were so good and so sincere in their desire to share this beautiful message of eternal life through Jesus Christ with the world.

Elder Wells


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