February 18, 2019


CTM (Missionary Training Center)


Spencer Wagstaff

A Week of miracles!

This week Im super grateful for my dedicated companion and my instructors Irmao Nascimento and Irmao Siquera. And even more for the power that the Savior Jesus Christ has to change my life and yours, to change weaknesses into strengths and sadness into great joy. I know that He is real!!

This week we got to go proselyting on Paulista, one of the biggest and busiest streets in Sao Paulo. We drove there with our district, got out of the vans, and had a short instruction session that went like this: "Fear no man!!" And then it was just me and my companion out in the city, searching for people who would be interested in our message. It was fun in much the same way that a roller coaster is fun. There is a fear element, but you feel so good afterward!! And its even better than a roller coaster because you are doing something that really counts. Let me give you all some insight into how I was feeling:


On the outside: (Cool as a cucumber) Bom dia! Somos missionários da Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos dias! Você quer aprender mais sobre Jesus Cristo e nossa Igreja?

Super exhilarating and wonderful. I want to do that every day all day.
So many people were so kind and loving.
Others totally rejected us or totally ignored us.

But the Spirit was there, and we felt awesome. I hope some of the people that we talked to learn more about the church and the wonderful blessings of the Temple!! The other cool thing is that even the missionaries that are just barely starting to learn to speak Portuguese were totally able to connect with people and have a good time talking to them, as well as the missionaries that are fluent. The Spirit helps missionaries that way. I love this and I can't wait to do it more once I get out of the Missionary training center.

Other fun things from this week:
I gained 10 pounds! (this month) The food at the CTM is really good, and we sit in class a lot and don't get much exercise. But its all good, I'm super healthy and I'll be just fine in the long run.
Elder Wagstaff is fluente!! He really took off this week and he can totally teach a whole lesson!! He is the man, he will literally fall asleep every night reviewing Portuguese language that he learned during the day!
There is an entire district of Brazilians that think I look just like the area president of Brazil, and so they all call me President Adukais all the time!

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Kirsten Wells says:
I finally compiled the list of people who wanted David’s mission emails. I will try to send them every week. If you want to see his first few emails go to: If you prefer to check the blog or want to be removed from this list for any reason please let me know. Kirsten Wells
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