February 5, 2019


CTM (Missionary Training Center)


Spencer Wagstaff

Things I love about the Missionary Training Center

Things that I love about the Missionary Training Center here in Sao Paulo:
1. The people. Its amazing how people from so many different countries across north and south America and even Europe can work together and have a great time and love each other. Sometimes we are sitting at dinner in the cafeteria speaking a crazy mix of English, Spanish, and Portuguese, but still communicating and having a great time. There are quite a few Elders from Brazil that speak excellent English and they are invaluable because if you run into something that you don't know how to say you can always ask them and they will save you. I've made so many great friends!
2. My district: We have really supported each other during the hard and good times here at the CTM. We spend about 8 hours in our classroom every single day except for P day learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ, learning the language, and practicing teaching. We just have to laugh sometimes because we have been working hard all day and then someone says something funny and we totally crack up. I love them! It's been pretty hard but good.
3. The awesome Brazilian Elders who don't know any english but how to say "I love you!!! so they will just come into your room and say I love you I love you I love you!!!! They really take care of us who don't speak the language and they make life great!!!
4. Feeling the Spirit. Testimony meeting on this Fast Sunday was powerful. Hearing all of these amazing people share their love for Jesus Christ who makes life after death possible and their gratitude for Him was just powerful. Our conversations about how much the gospel of Jesus Christ can have an impact on our lives and the lives of others have just been powerful. I'm so excited to get out there and find people who want to come to know God and how much loves them more. I know that God loves us, and that love is shown in so many ways. The blessings of family love, the beauty of nature, the wonderful art and music, even the hard times which can teach us to value the good times, all of it comes from Him!!! I'm so glad for this chance to help other people feel God's love more in their lives.
5. The paintings. On every wall and around every corner in the CTM it seems as though there are beautiful paintings that I have never seen before. They all have one thing in common, and that's the Savior Jesus Christ. Each painting teaches a lesson, and there are some of them that I wish I could just stare at for hours!

Other news:
The language is coming really fast. Its amazing to get to the point where I can speak Portuguese and just have it feel like a natural conversation. I still have so far to go, because of my tiny vocabulary, but it really is a blessing from God that I am able to speak this well after only two weeks. We had our first experience this week getting a Brazilian companion and teaching lessons entirely in Portuguese. And I was really involved!! I understood what was going on and was able to bear my testimony in Portuguese. I also shared a scripture with a lady in the police station where we went to do something for our visas. And I shared the message of Joseph Smith and modern prophets with the bus driver as he took us home from the temple through the crazy streets of Sao Paulo. And Elder Prado (one of the Brazilian elders) and I invited one of the janitors named Sandoval here at the MTC to come to church and learn more about the restored church of Jesus Christ and he accepted. We got to testify about Jesus Christ to him and we haven't even left the MTC!!!
Sao Paulo is a beautiful place and I love the people here. I'm even more excited to keep learning about the gospel and go to Londrina to teach!!! Feel free anyone to ask me questions or just say hi at

I love you alll!!
Elder Wells


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