February 12, 2019


CTM (Missionary Training Center)


Spencer Wagstaff

Refined and changed through His love!!

What a wonderful week this has been! You don't have to wait to leave the Missionary Training Center to start seeing miracles on your mission. This week, I have really felt that I am being refined. I care about others more, I work harder, and most importantly I know that my witness of Jesus Christ and his love and plan for me whereby me and everyone else will live again after death has grown stronger! I have felt his love so strong as I searched for answers in the scriptures and tried to teach the people here well. We watched a movie called The Testaments on Sunday, about how the Bible and the Book of Mormon both testify of Christ. The Spirit spoke to me really powerfully about being true to what you know, and seeking to come to know God if you are not yet sure. These things really count, and I'm so glad that I get to tell the world about them!

There has been a change in our whole district too. We look after each other more, work and study harder so we can be able to share the gospel well, and we really feel the Spirit testifying of truth as we have discussions together. It's wonderful.

Things I'm grateful for:
We have two instructors who are just amazing people, Irmão Siquera and Irmão Nascimento. Both of them joined the church less than 5 years ago and have served missions, one in Japan and the other in Brazil. They are powerful missionaries and inspiring to watch. They ask good hard questions, and when they testify of Christ the Spirit is there powerfully. I want to teach like them.
My companion! Elder Wagstaff is so amazing! He is consistently positive in the face of super tough challenges, like teaching investigators about the gospel speaking only Portuguese, a language that he has only been learning for three weeks. We get up at 6:30 and just go hard all day, learning the language, and studying the gospel, and talking with tons of people. Portuguese is easy! We got this!! That's his attitude.
The Book of Mormon. I just can't get enough of reading it. It makes the gospel of Jesus Christ so plain and easy to understand!!

Other things:
Elder Wagstaff is a redhead, and redheads are really rare in Brazil, so the Brazilian missionaries like him a lot. He also looks a little like Ed Sheeran, so the Brazilians will call him Ed Sheeran and Ron Weasley all the time! Its really funny. We have one guy who calls us Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. I guess I look a little like Daniel Radcliffe, but its mostly Elder Wagstaff. Haha
Favorite quote of the week: Elder Wagstaff absentmindedly while studying (which he does all day): "There are only four words in the Portuguese language that start with W, and two of them have to do with windsurfing. At least I know that Windsurfing directly translates to windsurfing!"

I love you all and thanks for being awesome! You all add light to my life!!


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