August 5, 2019


Crossroads Ward


Elder Spencer

Autumn's baptism

David Robertson
Mon, Aug 5, 9:53 AM (13 days ago)
to me

Dear family,

This has been an incredible week, and also an incredibly busy week! The highlight of course was Autumn's baptism last Friday. It was so wonderful to see how happy she was that whole evening. Sister and Brother Wilkinson gave the two talks and Elder Spencer performed the baptismal ordinance. (I confirmed her the following Sunday) There were a variety of insignificant things that went wrong but taken as a whole it ran quite smoothly. Autumn and Sister Wilkinson were a few minutes late because of a communication error, which turned out perfect, because Autumn's grandpa, mom and young siblings arrived just between Sister Wilkinson's talk and the actual baptism.

One insane surprise from earlier in the week that we got to share with Cade Craft over video call after the baptism is that it turns out Autumn's mom was baptized into the church back in 1992 in the Plainfield ward. Autumn just found this out about a week ago and it blew everyone's mind because Autumn had never even heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until we met her. This does however explain how Autumn had already heard about baptism for the dead from her mom before we taught her about it.

Autumn is by far the most prepared amd elect person I have met. With each commitment we have extended to her she has diligently made the change, and I am highly confident that she will be a huge help and blessing to this ward moving forward.

We had a crazy first half of the week as well. I spent Tuesday biking and tracting in Zionsville with Elder Hinton, and on Thursday Elder Harward spent the day with me in Crossroads.

On Monday and Wednesday night we got permission to sleep over at the Beech Grove elders' apartment because Elder Spencer has a hard time sleeping in our hot house. It was good to talk with the Beech Grove elders and help facilitate some conversations between them that needed to happen. They're both great missionaries but they haven't been getting along well. On Thursday evening we were planning on staying there one more night, but as soon as Elder Harward and I opened the door, Elder Spencer and Elder Miller told us we needed to leave ASAP. They had accidentally frightened a guy in their complex who threatened to shoot them and would not calm down and peeled away in his car at high speed afterwards. The elders were not initially worried but after getting back to their apartment they both felt a strong prompting to leave. They prayed about it, called President, and when we showed up we all drove to Crossroads to spend the night there. Elder Miller got the one mattress we had there, and I got Elder Craft's old memory foam thing. I was probably the only one who slept well. On Friday the A/C unit was replaced which was nice.

All in all it has been a hectic week, but it's been a lot of fun and there is no better feeling than seeing someone you know be baptized.

Love, Elder Robertson


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