July 29, 2019


Crossroads Ward


Elder Spencer

Autumn's getting baptized!

Dear family,

This week has flown by. Autumn's baptismal interview is this afternoon which is exciting. She plans to be baptized this coming Friday at 6:00. She has really demonstrated an impressive willingness to make the changes she needed to to bring her life in line with gospel standards. She doesn't have any support from her family or her boyfriend, but she hasn't had much pushback either. We're all really excited for her.

We've had plenty of teaching appointments this week, but the one worth mentioning in particular is that while on exchanges with Elder Utsch we met a young mother of 4 boys. Her name is Carmen and she sort of reminds me of Autumn, both in personality, and because she does not have a very solid Christian background but has been wanting to find a church and learn more. When Elder Spencer and I came back to teach her the restoration it went really well, so I have high hopes for her. We've only had brief contact with Aaron and Danielle this week because neither of them have been feeling well.

Our A/C temporarily shut down again, but it hasn't been too bad.

Last Sunday a recent convert of almost a year named Ashley gave her first talk in sacrament meeting and I gave a talk right after. We had both been assigned to talk about love and forgiveness. We each did alright and worse than we had hoped. I've realized that although I've become very comfortable in missionary teaching situations I've really never had much experience with speaking to large groups. One of my favorite quotations about forgiveness that I found while studying for the talk comes from Brigham Young: “there are two courses of action to follow when one is bitten by a rattlesnake. One may, in anger, fear, or vengefulness, pursue the creature and kill it. Or he may make full haste to get the venom out of his system. If we pursue the latter course we will likely survive, but if we attempt to follow the former, we may not be around long enough to finish it.”

This morning Elder Spencer and I used the tennis rackets we found in our basement this morning so that was a lot of fun. Neither of us have much tennis experience but we had a few good volleys. This afternoon we are grilling hamburgers with the Beech Grove and Indy 2nd elders and then Autumn's baptismal interview is at 4.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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