August 12, 2019


Crossroads Ward


Elder Spencer

Autumn did baptisms at the temple!!!

Dear family,

These last few days felt incredibly busy, which has its pros and cons.

On Monday we had a great time at the Indiana state fair. I haven't been to one of these before so this was a fun experience.

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Page in Fishers. It was good to have a bit of a longer conversation with him about the zone, and Keystone and Crossroads. He indicated that I would most likely be staying in Crossroads for quite a while, which I would be happy about. We had an exchange with Fishers 2 for the rest of the day. Elder Warren spent the day with me in Crossroads. He has been on his mission for 3 weeks and is already very competent, in addition to his excitement for the work. He's homesick, but is getting better quick. We talked with Autumn about preparing to answer questions about the church that her friends and family would be likely to ask her. I like this way of doing the new member lessons in a way that is geared towards member missionary work.

The really exciting news from Wednesday is that over the dinner hour I tried calling Luis Affonso and he actually answered finally! He said he and his family moved to Miami, then back to Indianapolis, then back to Miami for a martial arts job, and then will be coming back to Indianapolis again this week. He plans to let me know when they find a place to stay around here again.

On Wednesday afternoon we dropped off the Malibu at the body shop so we've got a bunch of biking in this week.

We had MLC on Thursday from 10 to 4 in Fishers which was another good meeting. Elder Spencer and three other elders gave their departing testimonies. There were a few short intense summer storms on Thursday, so we ended up helping a guy push his stalled car out of a rather deep puddle that had flooded his exhaust pipe.

In preparation for the recent convert temple trip on Saturday Autumn got her temple recommend on Wednesday. On Friday evening we had the great idea do some of Autumn's family history work over the phone last minute so she could be baptized for some family names. We sat down at the family history library and called Autumn while she asked her mom and her grandma about her great grandparents. It took us about an hour and a half to connect her into a line that stretched all the way back to the 1700s. It turns out that her grandmother is a member of the Plainfield ward as well. We and Autumn still haven't pieced that story together.

On Saturday the temple trip went wonderfully. The Indianapolis baptistry is really beautiful. It's layout is compact but still feels spacious. I thought it was cool how the 'chapel' has a glass wall in front so we could watch the group ahead of us being baptized while we waited. There were about 20 people in our group in total and 6 of those were recent converts, so this was an Autumn got a ride with the Fords, and we got a ride with Brother Restivo. Many pictures were taken. Afterwards, our high councillor who lives in Carmel had us all come over for lunch. He had also volunteered his daughters as baby sitters during the session. Autumn had a great experience at the temple.

On Sunday we had stake conference. Although the Crossroads ward had been invited to the stake center in Carmel, Brother Restivo and us went to watch the broadcast in the Beech grove/Indy 2 building.

Due to interviews, mlc, and the temple trip we've missed some personal study time, and also some tracting time, so it will be nice to get back into the regular schedule a bit this coming week. I've found that I feel better when I am able to get out and talk to more people. We won't get the Malibu back till Wednesday at the earliest. We counted it up this week and found that we had taught 10 lessons this week, but we haven't been able to meet up with Aaron or Danielle.

I was glad to hear that the family reunion went well and Grandma is doing better. I'll most likely be calling sometime early afternoon, but I'm not sure exactly when because we're grilling with Beech grove and Indy 2 right now while Beech grove does their laundry at our house.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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