July 22, 2019


Crossroads Ward


Elder Spencer

Elder Spencer for one transfer!

Hey everyone!

Last Monday Elder Craft packed up all his stuff and we drove up to Fishers for transfer meeting. There was about 26 missionaries going home in that group, so there were several people to say hi and bye to. My new companion's name is Elder Spencer. He is a dirtbike racer from Payson Utah, and amusingly, this is his last transfer. He spent the first chunk of his mission in the rough parts of the West side, went out to the boonies, served on Purdue campus for 2 insanely busy transfers and now is finishing out here on the East side. It's been a really good week. We get along well and have been keeping busy. One funny thing from this last week is that yesterday was the first day since Monday that Elder Spencer didn't hear a gunshot. I wouldn't have noticed them if he hadn't pointed them out.

Autumn came to church again yesterday and within this last week we are beginning to think we may be able to move her baptism up closer if we keep moving along at the same pace.

Danielle is slowly getting better so I'm hoping we can finally meet up again this week.

We had a couple very interesting lessons with people we will likely never see again this week. Esau is a young man who was excited by, and agreed with everything we said up until the first vision at which point he objected that no man has ever seen God. We shared a few scriptures back and forth and then kept moving, at which point he had a great deal of difficulty wrapping his head around the idea that there could be other scriptures not contained in the Bible. I walked him through the history of the compilation of the Bible and Elder Spencer showed him John 21:25, but at the end of the day he had a core conviction that the Bible was complete and infallible and could neither explain why he held that belief not back down on it. He knew the Bible was holy because he feels the Holy Ghost as he reads it, but was not willing to test the Book of Mormon for that same Spirit. He was blown away by the number of similarities in out beliefs relating to the gospel of Jesus Christ, but by the end of our conversation we were at a deadlock. I think we did the best we could because the Spirit was there in spades, but he just isn't open to the message right now which was honestly really sad.

The other guy we had a one-shot lesson with was Aaron's crazy friend Tony. He happened to walk by as we were reading some scriptures with Aaron to answer his questions about agency and trials and the purpose of life, and Aaron invited him in because he really wanted to see what a conversation between us and Tony would be like. Tony has read a ton of scripture and apocrypha and pseudoscripture. In particular he mentioned reading the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the jade tablets, the Book of Enoch, and a bunch of Gnostic scripture. He also happens to have a photographic memory. He would go on a long explanation of some series of doctrines, and then I would step in to say what we agreed with him on and where our beliefs differed, occationally throwing in a scripture from the Book of Mormon to back up a particular point Tony brought up. Tony is a bit of a conspiracy theorist and seems to have picked up some weird concepts from the Gnostics as well, so if Tony is the guy Aaron has most of his religious conversations with I think we must have won a lot of credibility points in his book just by being sane. I had fun with that conversation, but if Aaron hadn't been there it would have been a waste of time.

We're a bit short on time, so I'll cut this off here.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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