July 15, 2019


Crossroads Ward


Elder Craft

Last 3 hours of proselyting for Elder Craft

Dear family and friends,

Transfers is tomorrow, and I will be getting Elder Spencer as my new companion. He is coming from the Purdue campus and he has been out for just a little longer than me. I haven't ever met him, but I've only heard good things about him. If I have all the missionaries accounted for, 11 of our zone's 24 missionaries are moving elsewhere, and 5 of those are going home. Our new district leaders will be Elder Hinton in Zionsville, Elder Allred in Fishers 2nd and Elder Mayberry in Indy 2nd, so I have every reason to think this new transfer will go really well.

In MLC on Friday my main take-aways are, first, that we were to have trainings on the subject of loving others as the Savior loves us, (the APs did some fun roleplay demonstrations of bad example versus good example in the same scenarios). Second, that we should start having the missionaries report to the district leaders when they get in at night so we would know if someone goes missing. Third, unless explicitly otherwise stated, all of President Carlson's rules, policies, and norms are still in place for the time being.

Autumn came to church on Sunday and continues to progress really well. She has listened to First and Second Nephi and in our last lesson we finished teaching her about the plan of salvation. Sister Wilkinson has quickly become good friends with her, which is a huge help.

We taught Alex about the afterlife and read some of Moroni with him this week. Through his own studies of the Bible and apocryphal books he had already come to the conclusions that our spirits existed before we were born, that there is a gap between death and resurrection in which missionary work is done, and that there are multiple different heavens. He has a few strange twists on these ideas as well, but Alex is by far the closest to the truth out of any non-member I've met before with regard to the doctrines of the plan of happiness, and he got it all from extensive personal study.

As Elder Craft has been packing I have thus-far acquired two sweaters, a first-aid kit, a few more socks and black golf pants. At 11 today Brother Fishburn took us, Brother Scott and a friend visiting from Arizona out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant as a farewell to Elder Craft. He's looking forward to his last 3 hours of proselyting time tonight.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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