July 9, 2019


Crossroads Ward


Elder Craft

Meeting with Pres. Page, and a fender-bender

Well, it's been another good week here in Crossroads. That's really too bad that you have to deal with the plague going around at the lake. I hope the rest of you manage to avoid it.

I've been enjoying having a nice full schedule lately. The big news of the week is that while reading through 2 Nephi 9 with Aaron, the topic of baptism came up and he has set a goal of September 21st. Unfortunately neither Aaron nor Autumn and her various family members came to church on Sunday. Still haven't heard back from them on why yet. This week we've had a bunch of lessons with our various investigators. We were able to meet with Alexander 3 times. He's a young guy with a rough past who knows the Bible inside and out. Reading through 2 Nephi 2 with him was cool, because he always had a ton of insights and connections to different Bible verses.

On Wednesday Elder Craft had a physical therapy appointment downtown at 8:30, and then we drove up to Fishers by 10:30 for 'Meet the President'. Indy North, Indy West and Muncie zones were combined. President and Sister Page had been doing three minute interviews with every missionary in the Muncie zone before the meeting started. From 11:30 to 1:30ish we had basically a zone conference with lunch in the middle. Afterwards the Pages did the Indy West and Indy North interviews. I played the hymns for the conference and Elder Mayberry had made matching ties for the elders in our district so that was neat. During the Indy West interviews Elder Craft and I distributed supplies and then ran a short training and a couple rounds of roleplays on teaching about the first vision clearly with our zone. Elder Craft and I were the last to be interviewed and they were running behind so we didn't leave the building until about 5:35. The Pages seem like really great people and I have every reason to think President Page will be a good mission president.

On Thursday we had a pretty normal day, but by the time we got home for the night there were tons of fireworks being shot off in every direction. There have been sporadic fireworks being shot off every evening since then too. It occured to me that I hadn't hung up my Canadian flag since moving here so I did that, much to Elder Craft's amusement.

On Friday morning, because we had asked to shuffle 3 hours of our P-day over, we drove out to downtown to visit the Indianapolis World War Monument that is just a little north of the dead center of the city. There was scaffolding around the outside, so I think they were working on repairing or restoring the exterior designs. Inside there was a museum that went through every major war the United States has been involved in. It was cool place to go through. Upstairs was the 'shrine room' which was a big impressive monument to World War 1 and American values in general. There was a ton of symbolism in there. Quite the interesting space to visit. After that we drove around the Soldiers and Sailors monument and then tried to find a place to park so we could walk around and get a closer look, but as we were doing that we got in a minor accident. our car got a little dent and the other guys car chipped some paint, so it wasn't much of an impact, but it still ate up a ton of time because we then had to wait for the police officer to come make a report. Consequently, by the time we had grabbed some lunch across the street we were out of time and had to leave.

All said, with the exception of the accident, it's been a good week. Today we don't have any excursions or get-togethers planned so we'll actually have time to get some cleaning done. I'll plan to call sometime around 12 our time.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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