July 1, 2019


Crossroads Ward


Elder Craft

Baptisms and a new mission president

Hello everyone!

This has been an exciting week, but I don't have a lot of time today, so I'll just keep it to the highlights.

On Saturday morning a lady named Kimberly who was taught and fellowshipped in the Beech Grove ward was baptized into the Crossroads ward. It's unfortunate that she didn't get to meet anyone from our ward before the baptism, but Beech Grove made up for it and packed the relief society room. Brother Lane baptized her and a good time was had by all. You could tell how happy she was when she came up out of the water. That evening Elder Craft had the opportunity to baptize Bella and Gizz Neace. They are Elva's 9 and 8 year old daughters and they have been being taught for quite some time now. Elder Abernathy and Sister Grover came over for the baptism because they had worked with the kids longer than Sister Cooley and I had and they were both relatively close. The turnout was fairly sparse from our ward for both baptisms largely because most of the really active members were off with the youth trip to Nauvoo on the anniversary of the martyrdom. Everyone from that trip was arriving back at the church right around the time the baptismal service ended.

On Sunday, all three were received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Kimberly was confirmed by Beech Grove's ward mission leader Brother Fishburn, I confirmed Bella and our assistant ward mission leader Brother Scott confirmed Gizz. Autumn and her 18 month old James came to church for the second time, so that was really cool too.

Yesterday evening we got back in contact with Autumn's boyfriend Jack and had an awesome conversation on his porch. We taught him all about the restoration, and he really understood the significance of it. He has a much stronger Christian background than Autumn which makes teaching him a very different experience. Jack said that talking with us cheered him out of the depressed mood he'd been in, and he's planning on joining us and Autumn and Sister Wilkinson for our lesson today, so I'm excited about that.

Back on Tuesday we somehow accidentally invited two different relief society sisters to join us for a lesson with Danielle and didn't realize until 10 minutes before. It turned out to be really good to have them both there, so I consider that a tender mercy.

That's all for this week! I'll see you later.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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