June 24, 2019


Crossroads Ward


Elder Craft

New investigators and missionary coordination meeting

The exciting news of this week is that we have begun teaching a man named Aaron. We taught him about the restoration and the plan of salvation so far and he has been really soaking it all in. He asks really good questions, he reads everything we give him, and is really excited about learning more. He lives in a pretty ghetto apartment complex, and he seems like a really level-headed, nice guy. Our most recent conversation with him involved topics like why there are so many different Christian churches, how different ours actually is from them in terms of practice and doctrine, how our church operates, Why other churches don't accept the Book of Mormon as scripture, and things like that. I have high hopes for him.

On Tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Sutton in Fishers 2nd. His allergies have been giving him some trouble but otherwise he seems to be doing really well and is working hard in that area. Nothing to report about our device audit. We taught a man named Matt who said he is an atheist, but after discussing for a while I think he is just an agnostic who has never identified the influence of the Holy Ghost in his life yet. He has decided to try the experiment of praying and reading the Book of Mormon, and I'll probably never see him again, so all that's left on my end is to hope and pray for the best.

We have finished teaching Elva's oldest daughter Ohna her new member lessons. Elva herself is taking a while longer because she has lots of good questions and really wants a deep understanding. Last time we saw her she showed us her tags in gospel library. I take it as a really good sign that she has begun to study by topic. Unfortunately, she and her family did not make it out to church yesterday. The baptismal service for Bella and Gizz has been scheduled for next Saturday at 6:00 and now we just need to put together the program.

Danielle Brown wants to be baptized but she works for Walmart and as such has to work most Sundays. As such, it might be a while before she can get that situation sorted out. That having been said, as soon as she can find a way to come to church consistently, (if not every week) we will be able to put her on date. Her husband is supportive, but not personally interested in learning about the gospel. As a random side-note, Danielle is the lady that used to be Wiccan.

The other really cool people we met this week aside from Aaron, are George and Doyce. We had a 19-year old guy named Aaron Arnold with us. Aaron has his mission call to Santiago Chile, and was super excited about coming to help us teach. Doyce was really accepting of the message, and interestingly, when she saw Aaron's quad, and we explained that it was the Bible and the Book of Mormon bound together, it appeared to be a big testimony builder of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon to her. I considered showing her Ezekiel 37:15-17, but figured the benefit was already there and it wasn't as important in the moment as the scripture Aaron was looking up.

On Sunday we went to the Indy North stake missionary coordination meeting, which included us, the sister training leaders, President Carlson, the stake president, the stake executive secretary and Brother Nielson, who is the high councilor over missionary work. We mainly discussed all of the investigators with a baptismal date in the stake. Afterwards we had steak for dinner with Brother Nielson. His wife is currently off visiting grandchildren in Utah. As it turns out, Brother Nielson's brother Brent is the executive director of the missionary department, which is kind of cool, since I've seen him speak in plenty of MTC training videos.

All said, it's been a nice week. It has rained a bit every day which has postponed a service project repeatedly, so that's too bad, but for the most part we've managed to stay dry since that crazy storm on the 15th.

Love, Elder Robertson


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