June 10, 2019


Crossroads Ward


Elder Craft

First week in Crossroads

Hello everyone!

My first week in Crossroads with Elder Craft has been great! The Beech Grove elders (Elder Clark and Elder Gunn) had their car in the shop this week, so from Tuesday to Friday we lent them our car. Elder Craft and I live in a small, house that is in the dead center of our area. The address is 3328 East Saint Clair Street.

Crossroads consists mainly of old houses, and neighboring streets can vary pretty wildly in terms of how financially stable the occupants are. The trick with tracting around here is to look for streets that are in the economic midrange.

We cover the north half of the ward. In case any of you are curious, our area boundaries are I-65 on the west, East 30th street on the north, Arlington avenue on the east, and East Raymond street on the south.

My trainer Elder Roundy went home to Nephi Utah last Tuesday, so that's weird.

I've met a ton of people since getting here but here are the highlights:

Elva and her 12 year old daughter Ohna are recent converts so we and the Crossroads sisters (Sister Cooley and Sister Foote) have been meeting with That whole family regularly at the church with the intention of getting Elvas three younger kids ready for baptism.

Danielle is an awesome wiccan lady who has been meeting with the missionaries for a few months but has only gotten through the material of the first two lessons because she asks tons of questions and really wants to have a thorough understanding of the doctrine and how it applies to her and her young family. We brought up the gospel of Jesus Christ with her and she said that she is warming up to the idea of baptism more and more each time the subject comes up.

Taylor is a stay at home dad who has cerebral palsy. I taught him about the restoration in depth on his porch (second lesson) while Elder Craft kept his 2 year old daughter entertained in the yard. I got flashbacks to teaching Rico in Eagle Creek. I have really high hopes for Taylor.

K.O. is a girl about our age who can see spirits and was raised with some insane and rather pessimistic beliefs about God.

Jack and Autumn are a couple that have an 18 month old daughter. We taught Jack one day and Autumn the next because each time one of them has to bail. It was actually good, because they have different levels of understanding about the gospel and different needs. We put Autumn on date for baptism in our first lesson with her.

All in all, I am really happy to be here. We're busy all the time. The first few days we were on bikes and our A/C was busted so that was but honestly the biking felt good and the heat wasn't that bad.

At President Carlson's last mission leadership council last Friday he brought up a lot of subjects related to the transition over to President Page's leadership on July 30th. One of the most interesting subjects that came up is that at the end of the area presidencies year long experiment they have determined to loosen up the rules a little bit relating to allowing missionaries to go out and do things together on P-day. Consequently, I suspect that my Monday's will change substantially for the second half of my mission.

The Beech Grove elders got permission to come over and do their laundry at our house, and they still don't have their car back so we went shopping together and Elder Clark bought a $20 grill and some meat for this afternoon.

I hope you're all having a good time out there.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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