June 3, 2019


Crossroads Ward


Elder Craft

Moving to Crossroads as a zone leader

I'm going to Crossroads!

We took Elder Erikson to the airport on Tuesday so this week Elder Topham has been with us. On Saturday we got the news that Elder Topham will be going back to Zionsville for his 5th transfer there with Elder Hinton, Elder Pugmire is staying in Keystone and is getting Elder Maddox (described by President as being quite laid-back) and I will be a zone leader with Elder Craft in Crossroads for his last transfer.

Crossroads is directly south of Keystone and when I was on exchanges with Elder Vin Zant a couple months ago he described it as being very similar to Eagle Creek south, just without as many immigrants. I'm excited to head down there, and I think a transfer with Elder Craft in a busy area will be perfect for getting me back into the swing of regular missionary work.

With regards to the rest of the district, Sister Abramowski is going home, Sister Meh will be training a sister from Myanmar, Elders Dransfield and Tolman are both being whitewashed out of Westfield to spend their final transfer elsewhere, and their area will be covered by Sister Peach and another greenie sister. We were amused yesterday to find that the elders never changed their voicemail in the last three transfers and it is still Sister Abramowski and Sister Porter's voices.

In other news, Elder Pugmire had a colonoscopy on Thursday and nothing unusual was found, meaning we are still no closer to finding out what his problem is.

On Saturday we saw Mark and then Ahmet again for the first time in quite a while, so that was nice. On Sunday after ward council and church in Zionsville we swung by Fred so I could say goodbye. He told us he has been cutting back on smoking. Later that evening we visited with Tim, who is a recent convert in Zionsville. He's a nice, talkative guy.

Today we will be going out to lunch with Jerimy and then will go get our laundry done at the Zionsville apartment. I'll try calling around 3 or 4.


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