May 27, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Pugmire

Another threesome!

Dear Family,

The good news of this week is that Elder Pugmire has been feeling quite a bit better, and we have been able to go out tracting for the last few days.
The bad news is that Elder Erikson was in the hospital from Wednesday to Saturday with some kind of infection and will be flyinf home on Tuesday. So that's been really rough. His companion Elder Topham will be in a trio with us for the last week of this transfer and we will be getting a full time car so we can cover both Keystone and Zionsville.

On Thursday we had our last zone conference with President Carlson wich was strange. I'll see him again at interviews next transfer, but by the time next zone conference happens President Page will have arrived.

On Friday Elder Topham spent the day with the Fishers elders while Elder Pugmire was with our zone leader Elder Craft in Crossroads and I spent the day with Elder Abernathy in Keystone. The sisters gave us the car for the full day, and between taking the wrong exit on the highway on the way to Fishers, and taking two separate trips to the south end of our area we somehow burned 97 miles in one day. The sisters were a little surprised on Sunday morning. Pugmire and I were asked to give brief talks in sacrament meeting the night before and we also spur of the moment were invited to join the ward choir for the special musical number so it was an exciting meeting for us. It all worked out well though.

On Sunday evening while tracting we finally handed out the last of the pamphlets that had "Elders Robertson Pugmire and Murri" written on it beside our phone number, so that was a happy moment.

That's the news for this week. I'll talk to you soon.


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