May 20, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Pugmire

Indy 500

Hello everybody,

Elder Pugmire had a rough start to the week, but seems to be improving again. We had a crazy storm blow through on Thursday evening. We had a lesson scheduled with Ahbilash for 7:45 and although Elder Pugmire still wasn't feeling well we thought we'd try to go anyways. The rain had started coming down in sheets and by the time we had driven 6 blocks the cars were all going 10 mph, umbrellas were being blown into the road and it was difficult to see anything through the rain, so we turned around and went back. We got back in out apartment just a few minutes before the power went out. It came back on for us sometime in the middle of the night.

We had interviews with President and a good long conversation with Joshua on Tuesday, touched bases with Dev on Wednesday and have been keeping in contact with Jerimy over Facebook, but for the most part this has been relatively quiet week.

Yesterday at church we we found that several young couples have just moved into the ward for summer sales and Bishop Petersen had two of the men give talks right away. When we had dinner with Bishop a while ago he said that last year he didn't make full, good use of the summer sales people last year, so it seems he's trying to start things off on the right foot this time and put them to work in the ward.

We had a really cool experience yesterday evening. There was a fireside called 'Why I Believe' at 7 that I had been asked to play the piano at, where they had several recent converts get up and share their testimonies and their stories of how they came to find and accept the restored gospel. It was a really powerful evening and I'm glad I got to be there, but it was really unfortunate that Fred Swift couldn't make it. One especially memorable story related at the fireside was told by a lady who had been raised apostolic. After she had made the decision to join the church, but before she had actually been baptized, her siblings all got upset and thought she was joining a cult or something so her oldest brother came up from Georgia to talk with her. By a scheduling accident, he came over the same evening that a brother from the ward, who was the high priests group leader at the time, was going to be there to help her out with a few things. The apostolic brother and the high priest talked for several hours withouy ever being properly introduced and after the high priest had left, the lady's brother turned to her and essentially said, "That man is very highly annointed; He's the kind of true christian man you should be following. Which church did you say he was from again?" She said it gave her enormous pleasure to respond, "He's a Mormon!", and watch the look on his face as he mulled that over for a few seconds. He gave her his blessing to joing the church, and her siblings have respected her decision to join the church since then. There were a lot of very different stories like that, that evening.

Today our zone got permission to go see the practice run at the Indy 500 stadium, so that's what we'll be up to from 12 to 2 or so, so I'll probably call home at 3 or 4.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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