May 13, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Pugmire

A fish named Food

Dear Family,

This has been a good week. On Monday we met up with a somewhat less-active girl named Alex from the Carmel ward that Elder Murri had taught the new member lessons to when he was here. Then later that evening Elder Murri finished packing and when the APs and his new companion arrived they drove off back to Decatur. We are back to sharing a car with Carmel. Elder Murri was only here for 5 days but it was nice to have him.

On Tuesday we went on a day exchange. Elder Dransfield and I did a lot of biking around in the summer weather tracking down potentials, while Elder Tolman did Elder Pugmire's liver flush with him for some insane reason. Elder Tolman was feeling fine by the evening but Elder Pugmire took a while longer. He has been feeling just kind of gross all week, although that probably has more to do with switching to the step 2 meds than it does with the liver flush. Dr. Humiston told him yesterday to go back to the step 1 meds for a week.

On Wednesday after district council we went on another exchange, this time with Zionsville. Elder Erikson, (the greenie) and I did some yard work for Hind, ate pizza with her on her porch, took some of Elder Pugmire's paperwork to the mission office, ate dinner, tried to contact some people in the south part of our area, and met a less active member from Ghana named Brother Boateng. He met Brother Appel 8 years ago and converted to the gospel but has not been to church in quite a while, on account of his wife passing away back in December and them both living in the hospital for a full year before that. He's been through a lot lately and it was really good that we made contact with him.

Elder Pugmire had a hard time understanding his accent when we came back on Saturday. The Sheffields gave him a ride to church on Sunday.

After church we mooched off the Scheel's wifi to video call home and then had dinner with them. It was a fun evening. The goofy thing going on right now in the Scheel houshold is that another family in the ward was looking to get rid of their fish, and the Scheels agreed, so long as they understood the fish was meant as turtle food. Brother Scheel named the fish Food and it currently has a bite taken out of the end of its tail, but the fish is big enough that I question whether the turtle is actually going to eat it. If it survives the girls are petitioning to change its name to Jello. Exciting times.

We visited with Dev for a bit that evening, answered some questions of his about the priesthood, the apostasy and why God doesn't just appear to everyone, and then gave him the assignment to watch a video in the lds pamphlets app.

Well. That's pretty much the week.


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