April 29, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Pugmire

Another quiet week

Dear Family,

It has been another quiet week on account of Elder Pugmire's health. It goes up and down from hour to hour and from day to day, and the symptoms slowly shift and evolve, but overall he seems to be in about as rough of shape as he was last week, and if anything, might be getting a little worse. There seems to he a lot of talk behind the scenes going on between Elder Pugmire's parents, the Carlsons, Sister Potter, the area medical doctor and some other docter higher up in missionary medical, but we haven't heard the latest of their plans so for now we feel like we're in holding pattern.

The good news of this week is that the Carmel Sisters talked to President Carlson and we are now officially sharing a car with them. We have access to it most evenings and they use it most mornings and afternoons but we will schedule it out on a week by week basis so we each can use it when we need it.

We were able to meet with Ahbilash again for the first time in quite a while, so that was initially exciting, but by the end of the lesson we had together determined that with Ahbilash's current business he was not able and/or willing to put in the amount of time and personal study that would be required for him to come to his own conclusions about Joseph Smith, Russel M. Nelson and the Book of Mormon. He has excellent questions, a sharp mind and an open heart, but he does not want to make a decison and feels he cannot reasonably seek for revelation until he does a lot more reading learning and research which he at this time is not in a position to do. He intends to move to India this coming September and doesnt expect to be able to meet with us often between now and then.

Elder Topham's greenie's name is Elder Erikson and he is from southern Idaho not too far from where Elder Pugmire is from. They seem to be doing well.

We helped out at the pinewood derby on Wednesday evening and at the missionary academy night yesterday. We held the academy at the Caringer's house. Only two priests showed up this time, but it was a really good one. Brother Davis told us about his mission to Mississippi, Portugal and Cape Verde, and then Brother Pilling gave a good training on how to have an effective weekly planning session.

We postponed our lesson with Fred to Saturday, becuase Elder Pugmire was in especially tough shape, and then he got called in to help out at the Carmel historical society's former Monon rail line train depot -turned small museum. It is really close to our apartment, so to get up an out of the apartment for a bit on Saturday afternoon we walked over and said hi to Fred at the display. Right now they have a display on early train robberies set up in there that he guided us around. It looked very much like a building and a display you might find in Fort Steele.

Other than that, we haven't gotten a whole lot done this week.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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