April 22, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Pugmire

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

It's been a good week. On Saturday morning we were told that we were both staying in Keystone, but there's still an on-going discussion between Elder Pugmire, President Carlson, Sister Potter and the area medical doctor about whether or not to send Elder Pugmire home right away, so I suspect we will get some sort of emergency transfer sometime in the next 3 weeks. In other news, Elder Topham is coming back to Zionsville and will be training someone there, and we also have Sister Kaye coming back to replace Sister Taylor and Sister Abramowski is coming back to replace sister Cooley, so the district is changing a lot but I already know almost everyone which is convenient.
Sister Taylor is actually moving to the same ward as our investigator Jerimy, so that's cool.

We had zone conference on Wednesday and that was fun. I especially found our zone leaders' training useful and enjoyable as they had us roleplay awkward street contacting scenarios and it was warm enough to do it outside.

On Saturday we went on exchanges with westfield. On friday they went to dinner at a chinese buffet so Elder Tolman was feeling even worse that Elder Pugmire in the morning. It sounds like they got quite a bit done in Zionsville in the afternoon and evening though. Meanwhile, Elder Dransfield and I did a ton of walking, tracting and trying to contact former investigators. It was raining lightly most of the day and the bike trail leading north was flooded at one spot. The funny thing about our exchange is that during dinner, Elder Dransfield taught me how to solve a rubik's cube (mostly) and then lent me one of his and Elder Tolman had Elder Pugmire buy one on their way to Zionsville because he was asking about it. As of this morning I have solved it 4 times which is more times than can easily be explained by luck, so I'm feeling good about that.

We met with Jerimy twice this week and Fred once. Our lessons with Joshua and Laurie and Dev fell through though.

On Sunday our ward choir director put together a great Easter program which was awesome and at the same time a bit sad because none of our people came. At the end of sacrament meeting one of the stake presidency gave an excellent message about what it means to be worthy in relation to how God sees us as having great worth.

In between sacrament meeting and Sunday school an excellent (ex)member missionary showed us which foreign language copies of the Book of Mormon he has found that he has most commonly been able to give out living in Carmel/Indianapolis. He makes it his common practice to have a box of them in his car and a smaller box on his bike and whenever he encounters someone who appears to be foreign, he asks them 1) where they are from 2) what language they speak 2a) if they still enjoy reading books in that language 3) whether they would like a book in their language. If that's not dedication to "flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon" I don't know what is.

After church the Humistons had us over for lunch, Elder Pugmire got some more pills and proscriptions from Dr. Humiston, and Peter Hyrum and I played a bunch on their piano. Peter has a book of ragtime that sounds like a lot of fun, and I think Hyrum knows the same version of Can You Feel the Love Tonight that Kurt does.

We had Easter dinner with the Scheels and Brother Philips which was a load of fun. Sister Scheel and a few of her kids play D&D and Terry Philips has made it a significant aspect of his life, so there was a lot of talk about fantasy and storytelling. A fun fact about Brother Philips is that some of the gaming sessions he was a part of when he was a young adult became the inspiration for the Dragonlance book series that Sister Scheel remembers reading as a kid. His DM wrote them a few years later. A few of the Scheels are also gluten free, so they knew how to make a great feast that Elder Pugmire could safely eat.

I'm not exactly sure when the Westfield Elders will arrive to take us shopping, so I'm also not sure when I'll try calling this afternoon.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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