April 8, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Pugmire

General Conference

Dear Family,

General conference was a joy as always. I'm not sure exactly why these ones stood out to me, but I especially enjoyed President Nelson's talk on repentance in the priesthood session, Brother Callister's skydiving analogy for justice and mercy, and Elder McKay's insights on how and when blessings come in the Sunday sessions. I'm excited to be able to look back over the talks when they get loaded to gospel library. On Saturday morning we helped Jerimy and Sam move some some stuff to their new apartment in Fishers and then watched the first session there with them. The final move will be on May 3rd, so we might recruit the Fishers Elders to help out with that so we can introduce them then. Jerimy has been doing increasingly well with his attempts to slowly reduce his coffee intake. Last week he met the goal of 3 cups that week, which we have lowered to 2 cups for this week.

Fred came with us to the Scheel's house for the Saturday afternoon session and seemed to enjoy it. We have a lesson scheduled for Wednesday to talk about it more.

Unfortunately, Dev did not come to the Sunday afternoon session at the Scheels like he was planning. He and his parents have one phone between the 3 of them and the last time we called his father who speaks limited English answered and asked us not to come back to their apartment, which leaves us without a reliable way to contact Dev and Avani and figure out if it is okay for us to continue teaching Dev elsewhere. We have considered asking Coel Scheel to track him down at Carmel High School and give him our email, but we haven't done that yet.

The Scheels have one son, three young daughters, a 3 year old doberman/weiner dog, a turtle, and 9 guinea pigs, so it was a fun weekend.

My exchange with Elder Vin Zant on Tuesday was really enjoyable. It felt good to get a ton of biking and tracting in which I found amusing because when I first started cutting back on biking and tracting for the sake of Elder Pugmire's stomach I quite enjoyed the rest. Elder Vin Zant is a great example of going out of his way to talk to everyone while we travel. Recently the art and design district has gotten busier in the midafternoon and I appreciated the chance to get some good practice at approaching people in the sidewalk because between having a car, wintertime, and sick days that's not something I've done a lot of thus far on my mission.

Elder Pugmire's health has remained about the same as far as I can tell, although I think I have been gradually lowering my expectations of how much needs to get done in a day over time. We went to a couple doctors on Thursday and Friday and he's been trying some prescription meds for his stomach but it doesn't seem to be helping yet. Hoping and praying that he begins to improve.

Sincerely, Elder Robertson


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