March 25, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Pugmire

Missionary Academy


Sounds like quite the party in Mazatlan! That's awesome to hear that Jake is out on a mission. There's a member in this ward that also served in Provo.

My week has been pretty laid-back, so this will probably be pretty short. Elder Pugmire doesn't seem to have gotten any healthier this week but we've found ways to stay fairly productive. We still go out tracting on evenings when we don't have anything else scheduled, although we try to cut it a bit short when we do.

Last Monday evening we had an interesting lesson with a Sudanese lady named Hind who converted from islam to christianity a few years ago and had a bunch of questions about the divinity of Christ for us. She had met the missionaries before I got here and then just texted us out of the blue the prior Saturday saying she had time to meet with us. She is very upfront and blunt which is good because she makes sure she understands exactly what we mean whenever she doesn't quite understand something.

Last Saturday evening we tracted into an Indian family. The father only speaks Hindi but the mother Avani and the teenage son Dev have good English. They are Hindu and have peculiar beliefs about Jesus. They readily accept the idea that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is holy scripture, but they will have a very hard time with the idea that not every belief ever created can be simultaneously true.

Last night there was another 'missionary academy night' this time at the church. There was a smaller turnout this time, just 3 priests, but it was still really well done and gave us a valid reason not to be biking out in the rain.

I think those are the highlights for this week. We still haven't managed to reach Luis and Chris which is really sad. It's like they just vanished.

Talk to you soon.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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